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Nikolija Jovanović on daughters and private life | Entertainment

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Nikolija Jovanović on daughters and private life |  Entertainment

Nikolija Jovanović and Relja Popović have two daughters, but they don’t plan to present them to the public until they grow up and decide for themselves if they want to.

Source: MONDO/Stefan Stojanović

After a long break, Nikolja Jovanović returned to the public and attended an event in Belgrade, where she spoke with the team Ringing. In the interview, she talked about her mother Vesna Zmijanac, about cosmetic corrections, about her partner Relja Popović and her daughters, and revealed which is why they will never publicly present their heirs.

She appeared in a white dress similar to a wedding dress, so many wondered if she was wearing her mother’s expensive wardrobe, which she once wore.

“I wanted to wear my mother’s ‘Versace’ white wedding dress for this occasion, but I still decided on this. I have to admit that I almost went into my mom’s closet and took all those pieces. Even though I’ve been walking past them all my life, somehow I wasn’t mature enough for all those dresses and jackets. It was somehow not in my style then, so I think that only now I have the maturity to bring it up. You will see me in it“, she said and revealed that Vesna is feeling great after the operation and that she will have a concert in Bulgaria in June.

Nikolija and Relja try to hide their private lives from the public as much as they can, and the singer says that when they decide to say something, it’s sincere. “On my Instagram, you have two percent of my photos, and 98 percent are those that are only in my phone. My life is children, and I don’t share that“, Nikolija said, adding that she would never change her mind about it.

“Yes. If we had asked, their names would not have been made public, but it got out of hand.I’m sorry that’s the case. With photos and videos, we try to keep them to ourselves. Our opinion is that we should protect them from comments and everything, and when they grow up, they can decide for themselves if they want to be public figures. We don’t want to make public figures out of them without their permission, and they are currently unaware of it. It bothered me too, before I started singing, when I would appear in the newspaper as a child of a public figure,” she explained, then referred to aesthetic interventions. which she recently said she repented of.

“I didn’t do it because of the audience’s reaction. I’m glad that the comments were positive and that they didn’t condemn my honesty, because I rarely give myself away. In that video, I gave everything I had to give without the slightest hesitation” said Nikolija, finally revealing that they are going to Athens as a family in a few days and that she can’t wait, and Vesna Zmijanac will join them after the concert in Bulgaria.

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