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NO Criticism of the “Katuzaldia” album (2024)

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NO Criticism of the “Katuzaldia” album (2024)

The first reference has been well worked out Ezezez members of the group, to deliver a round length of 12 songs. They sing about small things, not very directly. Like sound, words have different shades and layers, starting from rhythmic vocalizations, through puns and memes to deep and wide representations. Thus, and enhanced by the visual side, we could consider the album as a postpseudorockpsicoartpop work, forever trying to find a legal label. Apart from jokes, the series of characters, hieroglyphs, colors, textures and intensities that appear in the images and anecdotes make up an eclectic and funny album. Starting from a naive cover and concept, this group has published a very serious work that could be a music selection. Bizkaia’s national team also to the World Cup!!

What probably gives it a rounded and unified shape is the production. It’s great, the melodies that bring us to localism as if they were recorded by the best international bands. The technical tricks and sonic aesthetics that are used also include the latest trends in global rock, including guitars in the style of The Voids or subtle percussion or synthesizers similar to Mac Demarco. When the song needs it, the instruments are expanded and details are added, when it appears more introspective, however, the dynamism is lowered and the layers are blurred in the most creative ways: with violent endings, rhythmic feedback, small and tight melodies, claps against the rhythm, atmospheric keyboards, a little autotune… In fact, although it starts with a song, the album includes everything: danceable post punk, raw rock and noisy punk but also intimate ballads.

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Finally, the triple refusals from Bizkaia present their first fascinating work as a group, based on round songs and sought-after lyrics in Bizkaia and with exceptional production, including the latest sound trends in a fun and stimulating album of the year. And if they know how to defend it directly, thanks to the skill and long experience of the musicians. Strong rhythmic base, spare attitude and wild fun of rock, will you miss it?

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