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No fascist attacks, the car was Palestinian

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No fascist attacks, the car was Palestinian

On the eve of the anniversary of the Bologna massacre, a municipal councilor of the League tries to revise the truth about the fascist-style attack: “A Palestinian wagon was in transit… which was blown up on purpose in Bologna. Then they threw Fioravanti and company in, but it wasn’t them.” The opposition protests.

On the eve of the anniversary of the massacre which took place on 2 August 1980, at 10:25 at the Bologna Centrale railway station, in which 85 people lost their lives, the Northern League group leader at the municipal council of Lonate Pozzoloin the province of Varese, rewrites history, rearranging the facts and proposing an imaginative reconstruction, far from the truth by now ascertained even in court: the attack was of a fascist origin.

“The massacre in Bologna was a neo-fascist attack? It’s not true. In transit was a Palestinian wagon… which was blown up on purpose in Bologna. Then they threw Fioravanti and company inside, but it wasn’t them”he said speaking at the session of 31 July, Armando Mantovani, city secretary of the League and majority leader.

As he tells Paolo Berizzi on La Repubblicathe proposal to name the market area of ​​the municipality after the victims of August 2, 1980 is discussed in the Chamber. But Mantovani does not agree, and when the members of the opposition try to make him desist, reminding him of the existence of court sentences , who recognize the origin of the massacre, responds as follows: “If you only read a certain propaganda, in fact, however, the train was that of the Palestinians”.

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“But which train of the Palestinians? But where are we? But history…”the astonished minority replies. “No story guys, you still don’t know why they took down Ustica and are you coming to tell me about Bologna?”. So he cuts short, closing the delusional repartee: “Bologna was a state massacre, guys, get it into your head!”. But no one in the majority of the municipal council of Lonate Pozzolo (made up of Lega, Fratelli d’Italia, Forza Italia, UDC) tries to contradict him.

The reaction of the co-spokesman of Green Europe and deputy of Avs Angelo Bonelli can’t wait:”On the eve of the Bologna station massacre, the right makes its disturbing voice heard. The leader of the League in the municipal council of Lonate Pozzolo declared that the massacre that touched the hearts of all Italians and that tried to give democracy a push, was not of a fascist nature but that the wagon was blown up by the Palestinians. These words are in line with the attempt at historical revisionism that the right has been trying to achieve for some time and which finds its synthesis in the presentation of bills on a commission of inquiry into the massacres in our country”the MP wrote in a note.

“The will to rewrite the history of the years of terrorism and the strategy of tension, questioning the sentences of the courts that have clearly spoken of a PID strategy linked to black fascist subversion is inadmissible. Just last April 5th the reasons were filed of the sentence of the court of assizes of Bologna which exactly one year ago had sentenced Paolo Bellini, a former fascist militant and exponent of the national avant-garde group to life imprisonment for participation in the massacre at the station. the area of ​​fascist subversion. What the right is trying to do in this country, just on the eve of this important date, is disturbing”.

“43 years after the massacre at the Bologna station, the right wants to rewrite history and calls for a parliamentary commission of inquiry and relaunches a phantom Palestinian trail. This massacre is fascist. Why doesn’t the right-right want to recognize it?”he commented on Twitter Sandro Rutolo of the secretariat of the Democratic Party.

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