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No green future without wildlife ~ A green future

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No green future without wildlife ~ A green future

There are interconnections between species on this planet. These natural relationships between species create a kind of balance that makes the existence of each important for the survival of the other and the possibility of a future. vert.

The survival of humanity relies on wild life and resources from biodiversity to meet its needs: food, energy, medicine, urban planning and even clothing. But unfortunately this center of survival is threatened by human activities at an unprecedented level, which could lead to the sixth mass extinction.

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This current decline in biodiversity is faster than at any other time in human history. Today the rate of extinction of species is estimated 10 to 100 times higher than the rate than the average over the last 10 million years.

Therefore, in his message addressed on the occasion of World Wildlife Day 2014, the former Secretary-General of the United Nations, Ban Ki-moon, recalled that wildlife is essential for sustainable development but that it is threatened and that greater efforts must be made to reduce the decline in biodiversity.

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« Wildlife is certainly in serious danger, but together we can mitigate the threats weighing on it. On this first World Wildlife Day, I urge all sectors of society to commit to ending the trafficking of wild fauna and flora and to buying, selling and using wild plants and animals in a way that is equitable and sustainable in the long term.«

Ban Ki-moon, Former Secretary-General United Nations

Major causes

Land use change and global warming; Large-scale bioenergy production.

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These causes compromise the future of our planet in particular of biodiversity and species which are essential to maintaining life on earth because there is no green future without biodiversity or wildlife. Therefore, in order to ensure this life on earth sustainably, we must protect species habitats, as some species in UNESCO World Heritage sites are increasingly threatened and at risk of extinction.

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Today, March 3, is an ideal opportunity to celebrate all the forms that wild fauna and flora take, their beauty and diversity, and to raise humanity’s awareness of everything that nature brings us daily. I take advantage of this world wildlife day to thank all those who work together to ensure that ecosystems can thrive and that plant and animal species can continue to exist so that we can enjoy the benefits and beauty that nature provides to humanity and to the planet.

Let’s celebrate wildlife, the important conservation work done around the world every day, and fight predators that prey on wildlife by providing an opportunity to reflect on the economic and environmental impacts they create.

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