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“No serious risk of injury”

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“No serious risk of injury”


The Swedish authorities save the Norwegian charging company from a huge bill.

An Easee charger for an electric car in a garage. Photo: Stian Lysberg Solum / NTB

Certain things may indicate that Acting Easee CEO Erik Færevaag had received a warning from the Swedish Safety Agency when earlier this spring he ruled out to Shifter that the already installed chargers would be recalled.

In a press release, the Swedish supervisory authorities now write that they have decided that the already installed charging boxes from Easee do not need to be improved. However, the charging box company from Rogaland must continue to report data on the Easee Home and Easee Charge models to the authority.

The Swedish Safety Agency is adamant that there are several technical defects in the products, such as the much-discussed relay distance, which means that the products’ earth fault solution does not meet the standard.

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“The risk of errors of a serious nature is so low that it is not proportionate to require practical measures on the already existing boxes. Instead, Easee must present a forecast of expected errors, which is then followed up with a presentation of actual errors,” writes the Swedish Safety Agency.

– The Swedish Electrical Safety Authority assesses that the possible faults that may occur on the affected charging boxes do not entail a serious risk of damage to persons or property. What we want to make sure of with this decision is that serious faults do not occur in the equipment over time as it ages and wears out, says Per Samuelsson, head of the products department at the Swedish Electrical Authority.

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Easee has three weeks to appeal the decision and two months to make the forecast that the inspectorate requires. They must then report data in ten months.

In the press release, it is specified once again that the sales ban on the charging boxes will continue.

Easee has also been on the market with a new charger, Lite, for quite some time. There they use much of the large stock of chargers they had from Home and Charge, but then with updated documentation and certain superficial changes. It came out in an interview Shifter had with Erik Færevaag in January.

Joy at the office in Stavanger

– We think it is very good news. Today we are very happy in the office, says general manager Eirik Fossum Færevaag.

– We take the decision as a confirmation of the work we have done with the technical documentation.

– What are the consequences of the decision for Easee?

– The already installed chargers in Sweden can continue as they are. There will be no recall of the products.

At the same time, Easee has committed to continue sharing data with the Swedish Safety Agency, which wants updated data and forecasts to further substantiate its own decision.

– Another positive side of this decision for us is that we can focus even more on our new products, says Færevaag.

Recently, the Swedish Safety Agency announced that the trial with Easee had not been canceled after all, despite the company going public with the announcement. Færevaag explains that the confusion was due to a slowness in the system, and that the lawsuit was formally withdrawn last week.

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