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Noah Solskjær on the comparison: – I’ve been a bit brainwashed

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Noah Solskjær on the comparison: – I’ve been a bit brainwashed

Noah Solskjær has signed a two-year contract with Aalesund in the OBOS league.

– It’s very nice, it’s fun, says Solskjær to TV 2.

– I would say that I can score goals. I will try to score a little in AaFK, he says.

Solskjær has a past in Clausenengen, Kristiansund and Sogndal (loan). Last year he played for Spjelkavik in the 3rd division.

Solskjær show: – Good impression

– I have ambitions to be as good as I possibly can be. I want to develop and help the team to have a good season, says Solskjær.

Solskjær has impressed at trials in Aalesund recently. On Friday, the attacker scored two goals in the 3-2 victory in the training match against Sogndal. Three days earlier, he also scored two goals against the 4th division team Ørsta (6-0).

– He is good in the opponent’s box and a skilled finisher. In addition, he is a smart football player who is good at making those around him good. The sum of all this means that we want to keep Noah with us further, says sporting director Bjørn Erik Melland in Aalesund to TV 2.

This winter he also trained with Kristiansund and Hødd.

AAFK-READY: Noah Solskjær has signed a two-year contract. Photo: Kristian Haug Hansen / TV 2

«Late bloomers»

The 23-year-old is the son of Ole Gunnar Solskjær, who himself was 22 in his debut season for Molde after transferring from Clausenengen.

– Are you a bit of a “late bloomer” in the family?

– You can say that we are. I didn’t fully grow until the end of high school. I actually found out that I have grown two centimeters since I was in Sogndal, so you can certainly say that we are “late bloomers”, says Noah Solskjær.

FOOTBALL FAMILY: Noah Solskjær (right), here with little brother Elijah and father Ole Gunnar, in connection with a training match for Kristiansund against Manchester United in 2019. Photo: Jon Olav Nesvold / Bildbyrån

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He believes that he must be seen as a separate player and not be compared to his father.

– But I’ve been a little brainwashed at home, so we’ll see if it comes out on the field, he says.

– Do you get tired of being compared all the time?

– That’s how it is with the name. I live very well with that, says Solskjær.

Sporting director Bjørn Erik Melland in AaFK sees similarities.

– Both are happy to score goals. And both are capable of scoring goals. That is the obvious here, says Melland to TV 2.

– Noah is a “late bloomer”, who I think has many good years ahead of him. But it has – for various reasons – taken time for Noah to bring out what lives in him. It was the same with his father too. It is a common feature. So he probably got some good genes from his mother too. If he gets to stay with us over time, we believe he will take new steps, says the AaFK top.

Praise the old club

Last year, Noah Solskjær scored 16 goals in 27 games for Spjelkavik in the 3rd division.

– I injured my ankle in the season warm-up after Sogndal, so I was out for eight months (in 2022). Then it was right for me to go down to Spjelkavik. They took good care of me. I have enjoyed myself there, and it has been very nice to be there, says Noah Solskjær.

– I think it was the first time since junior age, maybe G16, that I played every single game in a season, so I have built myself up in Spjelkavik, says the 23-year-old.

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EXPECTATIONS: Bjørn Erik Melland, sporting director in Aalesund. Photo: Marius Simensen / Bildbyrån

Noah Solskjær believes that it is natural to aim for promotion after taking the difficult trip down from the Eliteserien last year.

– We expect things from Noah already this year, but it is clear that he comes from the 3rd division, so it is not good to say. But he has some qualities that are unique, which are about smarts in the box and finishing skills. These are things that are difficult to practice. It’s something you have, says Melland.

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