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North Korea launches ballistic missiles

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North Korea launches ballistic missiles

North Korea has launched at least two ballistic missiles. This was announced by the Japanese Coast Guard, while the Pyongyang General Staff reported the launch of a single missile, the fourth since the beginning of the week.

“What appears to be a ballistic missile was launched from North Korea,” said the Japanese coast guard. In a second statement, he said that another one had apparently been launched. Both would end up outside Japan’s exclusive economic zone.

The tension is therefore once again very high in the region. The regime of Kim Jong-un continues to challenge the international community and carry out its military program. This year it has conducted a record number of tests and the possibility that it could reach nuclear weapons is considered with growing concern, to the point that a few days ago some South Korean parliamentarians said that the window for a nuclear experiment could open between the congress of the Communist Party of China to be held in October and November elections in the United States.

North Korea, a new law authorizes the preventive nuclear attack. Kim Jong-un: “We are atomic power, it is irreversible”

by our correspondent Gianluca Modolo

The latest launch took place after the US and South Korea held the Ulchi Freedom Shield, the largest joint military exercise in the past five years, and after the US Vice President Kamala Harris visited South Korea in recent days. Also on Thursday, a few hours after Harris’ departure, two short-range ballistic missiles had been launched.

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During her visit, the US vice president traveled to the heavily militarized border with North Korea as part of a trip to strengthen defense commitments between Washington and Seoul. South Korea has announced it will participate in anti-submarine maneuvers with Japan and the United States for the first time since 2017, and officials said they had indications that Pyongyang could prepare a ballistic missile launch from a submarine.

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