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North Korea: Long-range cruise missiles tested

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North Korea: Long-range cruise missiles tested

The leader of North Korea, Kim Jong Un, oversaw the launch of two long-range cruise missiles. The state media reiterated this, adding that the weapons were equipped to carry tactical nuclear weapons and had already been deployed in the units of the North Korean army.

Pyongyang recently conducted ballistic missile tests which it described as tactical nuclear drills that simulated the elimination of airports and military facilities across the country. South Korea. Cruise missiles – which travel at much lower altitudes than ballistic missiles, making them more difficult to detect and intercept – traveled 2,000 kilometers above the sea before hitting their targets, the Korean central news agency said.

Kim expressed “great satisfaction” with the tests to improve the combat efficiency of cruise missiles, which according to the Korean Central News Agency (Kcna) have already been “distributed to Korean People’s Army units for tactical nuclear weapons operations”. Kim said the country’s nuclear combat forces are “fully prepared for actual warfare” and said the tests are just another warning to the country’s enemies.

Kim’s nuclear strategy

The North Korea it must “continue to expand the operational sphere of the strategic nuclear armed forces to resolve resolutely any crucial military crisis and war crisis,” the state news agency reported. “Kim Jong Un – he adds – underlined that we should concentrate all efforts on the infinite and accelerated development of the national nuclear combat armed forces”.

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The country revised nuclear laws last month to allow for preemptive strikes, with Kim declaring North Korea an “irreversible” nuclear power, effectively ending the possibility of negotiations on its arsenal. Since, Seul, Tokyo e Washington they stepped up combined military exercises, including the deployment of a US nuclear-powered aircraft carrier twice in the area twice. In response Pyongyangwho sees such exercises as evidence for the invasion, “has decided to organize military exercises under the simulation of real war.”

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