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North Korea tests “super-large warhead”, says KCNA – DW – 04/20/2024

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North Korea tests “super-large warhead”, says KCNA – DW – 04/20/2024

North Korea Conducts Test of “Super-Large Warhead” for Strategic Cruise Missile

According to the state press agency KCNA, North Korea conducted a test of a “super-large warhead” designed for a strategic cruise missile on Saturday (04/20/2024). In addition to this test, the media also reported the launch of “a new type of anti-aircraft missile in the West Korean Sea,” also known as the Yellow Sea, on Friday afternoon.

KCNA stated that these tests are part of the regular activities of the administration and its affiliated defense scientific institutions. The agency specified that the tests “have nothing to do with the current situation,” without providing further details.

Despite facing international sanctions since its second nuclear test in 2009, North Korea has continued its weapons and nuclear development program. The country has recently increased its aggressive rhetoric towards South Korea, declaring it as its “main enemy” and threatening war in case of any violation of its territory.

In response, Seoul has toughened its stance towards Pyongyang since President Yoon Suk Yeol took office in 2022. Yoon has increased military maneuvers with the United States and Japan.

It is essential to note that North Korea recently failed to launch its spy satellite into space, as reported. The video of this failed launch can be watched on compatible browsers.

This latest news development highlights the ongoing tensions in the region and the continued efforts by North Korea to advance its military capabilities. The situation remains volatile, with both North Korea and its neighboring countries maintaining vigilant stances amid the escalating tensions.

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