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North Korean family stunned soldiers defected to China Kim Jong-un furious: hunt down at all costs | defected | defected | a family of four |

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[Voice of Hope October 16, 2021](Reported by our reporter Li Hui)The Korean news website “Daily NK”, run by North Korean defectors, recently quoted sources from Liangjiang Province. A family of four living in Kimhyongji County, Liangjiang Province, North Korea, used sleeping pills on the border guards on duty on the border with China. Unconscious, while the soldiers were asleep, they smuggled across the Yalu River to China in the early morning of October 1.

The incident was reported all the way up the command system to North Korea’s National Defense Province. Kim Jong-un was furious, and the next day (No. 2) personally issued “Order No. 1”, demanding that defectors be hunted at all costs, “No matter how much money is spent, it must be unconditional. Traitors of the nation are hunted down and severely punished as a model.”

It is reported that the Ministry of National Defense has issued arrest tasks to the personnel of the Ministry of Defense in mainland China, and also sent letters to the Chinese Communist Party’s Public Security and Border Defense Brigade to provide assistance, and do everything possible to arrest the defected family.

“Order No. 1” also requires a “comprehensive review of the thinking of the soldiers and civilians at the border” because “the people who ran away after drugging the soldiers is a serious behavior that damages the relationship between the military and the people.”

It is said that members of the Border Guard often visit this house. After the defector family heard the news that the deputy squad leader of the Border Guard was on duty early in the morning on the 1st, they were ready to put down sleeping pills and bread, and gave them to them when the deputy squad leader arrived. The soldiers on duty with the deputy squad leader also gave medicated soda and bread.

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The deputy squad leader of the Border Guard, who was asleep after eating the food of the defector family, was also locked up.

It is said that the family who defected from North Korea has been living on smuggling, and their lives are relatively prosperous. However, since the outbreak of the CCP virus last year, North Korea has built fences and high-voltage barbed wire fences throughout the border area.

The deputy squad leader said that they felt that “if we can’t engage in smuggling in the future, there will be no hope.” “Should we also lead wasteland to grow corn and eat, and live a life that is not as good as animals?” “If you can’t smuggle, there will be no human beings.” It depends on the speed of building the wall, this year is the most critical.”

At present, the news spread throughout Jinhyongji County and Liangjiang Road. “Because of this, the atmosphere in the border area has become more tense. “

Some netizens left a message under the news on the website, saying:

“The direction of this run is not right”;

“If you defect from China, you will already have a complete industrial chain. The church organization in South Korea, or an organization that specializes in “transportation”, provides a one-stop service for special vehicles, routes, and dry food.

There are three ways, one is to enter Mongolia and transfer to South Korea, the second is to enter Southeast Asia from Yunnan to South Korea, and the third is to go directly to the Korean embassy in China.

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As a result of the epidemic, the road in Southeast Asia was almost cut off. Because the CCP had been stalking at the gates of the embassies of various countries, and North Korea had also sent people, the third road was even more dangerous. “

“The North Korean soldiers who defected from the North-South Korea border are usually North Korean soldiers. The border is originally a military control area. There are sentries, barbed wire, mine fields, and no-man’s areas near the 38th line. There are also soldiers who defected in Panmunjom. Seize the opportunity. Cross the line.”

Kim Jong Un has been in power in North Korea for 10 years. Because of his insistence on illegally developing nuclear weapons and ballistic missiles, North Korea was subject to economic sanctions by the United States and the United Nations.

Under the dual pressure of poor economic management and government resources that are heavily biased towards nuclear weapons and missile research and development, North Korea’s economic development has been difficult for decades. The recent heavy rains and torrential rains in North Korea, as well as floods, have worsened North Korea’s already poor economy and put people’s lives in a desperate situation.

Reuters quoted analysts as saying that due to the severe economic situation, Kim Jong Un may be facing the most difficult moment in his 10 years in power.

The United Nations issued a warning last week that high-risk populations in North Korea are at risk of starvation. The U.S. State Department pointed out last Thursday that the Kim Jong Un government should bear the primary responsibility for the humanitarian disaster in North Korea.

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