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Not just bread. The first fruits of the PIME campaign

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Not just bread.  The first fruits of the PIME campaign
Numerous projects have already been implemented thanks to the annual campaign promoted by PIME and focused on food security in some particularly fragile countries from an environmental point of view such as Cameroon, Chad and the Ivory Coast

«Just as the evangelical quotation “not of bread alone” refers to man’s need to have, preserve and cultivate nourishment that is not only material, so the 2023 Campaign of the PIME Center will aim at promoting food programs but also interventions in the educational field, activities health and awareness programmes.
With these words, last December, we announced the start of our annual campaign “S146 – Not just bread. Feeding in Cameroon, Chad and Ivory Coast”: a phrase that sounded like a promise.
Today we are here to tell you that, thanks to your help, that promise has been kept. Our missionaries maintain it every day, carrying out sustainable and innovative projects in the three African countries involved in the initiative.
With your support, in just over four months we have already sent on a mission 150.582,73 eurothanks to which they were started eight projects to improve the food security level of 18,660 people. A sign of solidarity and hope for these contexts experiencing constant economic and food difficulties, and a way to celebrate the 50th anniversary of PIME’s presence in the Ivory Coast.
All the initiatives have seen the active involvement of local communities, to identify the main problems and critical issues that needed answers: those found they are all tangible, concrete and effective, but also sustainable and ecological.
To date, nine wells have been built in as many villages in the three countries benefiting from the Campaign, to supply clean, drinkable water to local communities and thus offer the possibility of improving daily nutrition and preventing the transmission of infectious diseases due to the use of contaminated water resources.
Awareness programs have been implemented on the correct conservation of drinking water and specific training on the management of the new wells, so that the communities not only use them but also become owners and directly responsible for them. Specifically, in Mouda, Cameroon, a well and an aqueduct powered by solar energy were built and more than 240 girls and women were involved in training courses on agricultural techniques, providing them with everything necessary to start a family garden and ensure healthy and nutritious food for their children. Vocational training (for example cutting and sewing) has also been offered, so that these women can acquire knowledge and skills that can be used in the labor market. A springboard to access more job opportunities and more and more autonomy.
As many as 330 boys and girls were trained in the most effective and innovative agricultural techniques, through a group program organized in specially prepared community gardens. The involvement of young people is essential to be able to guarantee a future for these communities, where the emigration of the new generation to neighboring countries in search of work is increasingly accentuated and critical. In Mongo, Chad, a breeding project was launched with the involvement of 50 students, in order to promote their economic independence and offer communities new opportunities to achieve food self-sufficiency.
These lines, together with the numbers you read alongside, are meant to be the expression of a heartfelt feeling Thank you in the name of all PIME beneficiaries and missionaries for what has been achieved so far.
But the projects that we want to carry on with you are still many and we are sure to always find you by our side!

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