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Novak Djokovic improves form at Roland Garros MONDO column | Sports

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Novak Djokovic improves form at Roland Garros MONDO column |  Sports

Novak Djokovic reached the quarterfinals at the second Grand Slam of the season and is slowly raising the level of his game. From Roland Garros MONDA reporter Nemanja Stanojčić.

Source: Profimedia

All this was a prelude to what follows, the most important matches in the tournament and the fight for the 23rd Grand Slam Cup. The next rival is Karen Khachanov (Russia). That was exactly the message that the Serbian player sent to everyone, above all to all other tennis players. He is there, motivated, in a good mood and ready to write new pages of history. He has already written one by reaching the quarterfinals of Roland Garros, overtaking Rafa Nadal, although everyone knows what record he is chasing.

Nadal’s fans could see for themselves. On the tribune, which was near the press box, there were several of his fans wearing the same T-shirts. On them it was written “Let’s go Rafa, we are with you until the end”. The best Spanish player is not in Paris, he had to undergo emergency surgery in his homeland and it is certain that he will not return to the field before 2024. During that time, his fans saw Novak’s power on the biggest field in Boulogne Forest.

Made Nole a show again. First he had a bit of a fight with the fans. In the first set with the score 4:2, a strong wind blew on the Peruvian’s break point. The Serb looked up at the sky, complained about it, the fans booed him. He himself could not believe what he was hearing. Then he won the point and the game, so he put his hand to his ear and said to them “Let me hear you now“. There was also a nice Variljas fan who shouted several times at the top of his voice “Let’s go Juan Pablo”, and at one point his voice “cracked” which made everyone laugh, then from the other side of the stands “Vamos Rafa” was heard. (“Let’s go Rafa”), to which the answer came in Serbian and “Ajde Nole”.

And then, at the end of the third set, when Novak served for the match, the audience created a show, they started Mexican waves before the serve and it lasted for more than a minute. Djokovic turned to the audience and seemed a little confused, but he probably also wanted to soak up the atmosphere. After that, he received applause, ovations and it seems that he “reconciled” with the audience. We’ll see how it goes in the quarterfinals – Novak is ready!

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