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Novi Grad declared a state of natural disaster Info

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Novi Grad declared a state of natural disaster  Info

A state of natural disaster was declared in the area of ​​the Novi Grad municipality this morning due to the high water level of the Una river, and 18 people were evacuated due to the water spill, the municipal emergency headquarters announced.

Source: Zora Savić/Srna

The mayor of the municipality, Miroslav Drljača, said that during the night the water level increased and water entered the Mlakve settlement, from where 18 people, including children, were evacuated.

“We have a difficult situation considering that we have more than 40 residential buildings in which water entered in these few days,” said Drljača, who is the commander of the Headquarters, and added that the inner city area was preserved.

Drljača pointed out that the water levels of the Una and the Sana now tend to rise by one centimeter per hour.

“We feel that stagnation is coming. We certainly cannot say today that the situation is stable, nor how long the flood protection will last,” Drljača said.

He reminded that the Headquarters made a decision last night that there will be no classes in primary and secondary schools in Novi Grad today and that the “Pčelica Maja” Kindergarten is closed.

Drljača says that citizens are advised to boil the water from the city water supply before use until the results of the analysis of the water samples are known.

“The largest number of wells are flooded, we cannot know what the situation is. We are currently using wells from the Gortan settlement, which are under control,” said Drljača.

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He added that this day is also uncertain, but he hopes that all the barriers installed yesterday and tonight will last, as well as that the underground water will be kept under control.

According to him, damage to road communications was recorded, traffic was interrupted on five roads and there were six landslides.

“It is not final, that number will certainly be higher,” added Drljača.

He said that the Republican Administration of Civil Protection sent teams, pumps and a machine for packing sand into bags to help Novi Grad.


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