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Number of weddings in Banajluca | Info

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Number of weddings in Banajluca |  Info

This year, according to data from the City Administration of Banjaluka, more babies were born, and the number of couples who got married also increased.

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Thus, according to these data, from January 1 to June 20 this year, 1,454 babies were born.

“From January 1 to June 20 last year, 1,429 babies were born,” they said from the City Administration.

This means that Banjaluka is richer by 25 babies this year compared to last year.

The City Administration states that last year Banjaluka was richer by 3,277 babies.

According to the data provided to “Nezavisne novine” by the City Administration in Banja Luka, 22 more people decided to get married.

“From January 1 to June 19 this year, there were 298 weddings. In the same period last year, 276 weddings were recorded,” they pointed out and added that there were 736 weddings last year.

“There were no underage marriages this year and last year. The last underage marriage was in 2019,” they stated and added that there were cases of wedding cancellations in Banja Luka.

Ivan Šijaković, a sociologist, told “Nezavisne novine” that this is a good sign for Banjaluka.

“I believe that this trend of slow growth of newborns and marriages will continue,” said Šijaković.

He adds that the problem can be twofold.

“This means that one of the problems is the relocation of citizens from other parts of Republika Srpska to Banjaluk and additional emptying”he states.

He adds that another problem would be that the conditions in other parts of Republika Srpska have not improved to increase the birth rate.

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As for the names most often given by parents to children in Banja Luka, the City Administration states that for boys they are Aleksej, Gavrilo, Lazar, Nikolaj, Tadej, Vuk and Aleksa, while for girls they are Una, Ana, Leona, Helena, Milica, Kalina , Nika, Mila and Irina.

“The rarest names that parents give to boys are: Dorotej, Matijas, Aksentije, Tikhon, Žan, Zaharije, Djoko, Vesko, Jug, Mrđan, Noa, Isak, Zarije, Jagoš, Rašo and Vojko”. they said.

They add that the rarest names for girls are: Vlatka, Čarna, Timea, Evgenija, Gala, Nora, Raska, Teofanija, Tjaša, Arija, Srna, Livijana, Koral, Margita and Tisa.

(MONDO/Nezavisne novine)

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