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OAB Paraná celebrates 92 years in defense of Justice and citizenship

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OAB Paraná celebrates 92 years in defense of Justice and citizenship

OAB Paraná celebrates 92 years this Thursday, February 15th, guided by the uncompromising defense of democratic values. With more than 86 thousand lawyers, the Paraná section is proud to be one of the most active civil society institutions in the state and reaffirms its commitment to defending legal professionals and promoting a fair and egalitarian legal system.

Built by many hands, the institution has been a beacon of guidance and support over these more than nine decades, promoting opportunities and ensuring that law can prosper in an environment that values ​​ethics, justice and equity. “There were many men and women who, throughout history, helped to give dignity to the law, under the trust of society, achieved through firm and independent action by its representatives who honored the Institution with bravery and security”, highlights the president of the OAB Paraná, Marilena Winter.

“Since its foundation in 1932, by João Pamphilo D’Assumpção, important achievements, increasingly better structures and historical movements have made this Institution the safe haven for law: the creation of the Assistance Fund in 1943, the creation of ESA in 1988, the creation of TED in 1995, the institution of OABPrev in 2008”, emphasizes Marilena.

The solidity of OAB Paraná is also the result of its leadership role at crucial moments in the country’s history, always in favor of democratic freedoms. As the president of the section points out, the OAB was a beacon for society in important historical moments: in the 1978 National Conference, in the Diretas Já movement in 1984, in the O Paraná que Quero Movement, in the constant fight for not increasing costs and in the implementation of parity and quotas, for example.

“Today with 49 Subsections and more than 86 thousand registered, hundreds of Commissions throughout the State, our OAB has a lot to celebrate. Respect for the built, with an eye towards the future, inclusion and Justice! Congratulations OAB Paraná, congratulations to each one of you who are part of this story! It’s a great honor to serve this Institution and, alongside you, be a part of it!”, concludes Marilena Winter.

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In this milestone of 92 years, OAB Paraná consolidates itself not only as an entity that protects the interests of lawyers, but also as an essential pillar in the defense of democratic institutions and the Rule of Law. The celebration of this history is a moment to look to the future with the confidence of those who are committed to the values ​​that underpinned this trajectory.

Check out President Marilena Winter’s message to Paraná’s legal profession here.

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