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Official media said that China’s inoculation broke 2.4 billion people and satirized “you broke your heart” (Picture) | Li Muzi Vaccine | People’s Daily | Social Status

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The Chinese Communist Party’s official media stated that “my country’s new crown vaccination has exceeded 2.4 billion doses”, which triggered a strong response from netizens. (Image source: Getty Images)

[WatchChinaNewsonNovember192021](See a comprehensive report by Chinese reporter Li Muzi) Recently, the Chinese Communist Party’s official media “People’s Daily》WeChat public account issued a document saying “my country’s new crownVaccinationMore than 2.4 billion doses” triggered strong responses from netizens, who questioned the role of vaccines in mainland China, but many messages have been deleted.

On November 17, the official media “People’s Daily” reported on its Weibo that “my country’s new crown vaccination has exceeded 2.4 billion doses”. As of November 16, 2021, 31 provinces (autonomous regions, municipalities) and Xinjiang produced The Construction Corps has reported a total of 242.8897 million doses of the Chinese Communist Party (new crown) virus vaccine.

After the “People’s Daily” Weibo report, it caused many netizens to post messages. Netizens ridiculed that the “People’s Daily” webmaster might be dozing off.At present, many messages have been “harmonized”

Liu De Qingshan is saying: “How many of the 2.4 billion doses were done against informed voluntary consent?”

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Sixxxxuan said: “Finally 2.4 billion! Can herd immunity be achieved?”

Black Butterfly 1111 said: “Why do you still close the city after being vaccinated?”

The villain said: “Anyone who has a conscience will not use this vaccination standard to force a vaccine.”

Fly freely on the moon and said: “Since so many people have been vaccinated, can control and control be relaxed? If not, what is the effect of vaccinations? Reduce the rate of severe illness? Since the rate of severe illness has been reduced, it is still so strict. what?”

A little traveler said: “There are so many vaccinations, but why the ban is still so strict. College students will always be closed.”

FBorage said: “You are really broken. While letting those who have not received the injection believe that the vaccine is effective, hurry up, and at the same time, let those who have received the injection believe that the vaccine is ineffective, and intensify injections.”

The swimmer Yangzi said: “After this vaccine, you still have to wear a mask, there will still be red and yellow codes, will still be quarantined, will still be nucleic acid, there is still the possibility of infection, or there will be severe illness. Then the country spends so much. What is the role of money for giving so many injections to the people? Does vaccination make sense for epidemic prevention or to whom?”

Jing Xiaoshu: “Can you publish the adverse reaction rate and countermeasures, and can you not use the data to force underage children with incomplete immune systems to be vaccinated? Is it really appropriate?”

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Qiuqiu tried to hoard money and said: “If you can delete the comment, you can’t delete the voice of doubt, let the child go!”

Some netizens also asked very sharp questions: “Why are the cities closed after being vaccinated? This year, why are there more infections than when they were not vaccinated last year? If the vaccine is useless, why bother and fight three times? Needle, booster shot, no car, boat, or plane, no school, no return to work without vaccinations?”

Some netizens also left a message, “Compulsory vaccination, some people have poor health, and they are also urged by the community to vaccinate. They are not allowed to enter the community without vaccination. The people are forced to vaccinate just to complete the above tasks. And now many confirmed patients have never reported. Whether they have been vaccinated or not, if the diagnosis is made by someone who has not been vaccinated, it will definitely be reported.”

It is worth mentioning that there were more than 3700 comments on this Weibo.

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