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Official restart of group tours for Chinese citizens will inject momentum into global tourism economy – Xinhua English.news.cn

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Xinhua News Agency, Shanghai, February 6th: The official restart of outbound group tours for Chinese citizens will inject momentum into the global tourism economy

Xinhua News Agency reporters Chen Aiping, Deng Ruixuan, Xiao Yichen

At 7 o’clock in the morning, Huang Xing, a 69-year-old Shanghai native, arrived at Shanghai Pudong International Airport with three “old partners” and excitedly got the boarding pass for the flight to Thailand. They are the first batch of outbound group tourists departing from Shanghai in three years.

Previously, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of China issued the “Notice on Pilot Resumption of Travel Agencies to Operate Chinese Citizens’ Outbound Group Tours to Relevant Countries”. From February 6th, the pilot resumed national travel agencies and online travel companies to operate Chinese citizens’ outbound trips to 20 countries. Group travel and “air ticket + hotel” business. Outbound group travel by travel agencies, which has been suspended for three years, is officially restarted.

Huang Xing’s team consists of 24 Chinese tourists. Zhou Weihong, deputy general manager of Spring Tourism who organized the group, said that after they landed in Phuket, Thailand, they will be divided into two groups to experience different beaches in Thailand.

On February 6, at Shanghai Pudong International Airport, Spring and Autumn Tourism and the Shanghai Office of Thailand National Tourism Administration held a “welcome ceremony” at Shanghai Pudong International Airport.Photo by Xinhua News Agency reporter Chen Aiping

Based on information from travel agencies and platforms, Thailand is currently one of the most popular outbound travel destinations for Chinese tourists. Gu Wei, assistant to the general manager of Shanghai Airlines International Travel (Group) Co., Ltd., said that in the initial stage of the restart of outbound group tours and “air ticket + hotel” business, Chinese tourists first choose destinations with relatively convenient entry procedures, and the weather in Southeast Asia is warm in February and March. , so it is favored.

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“2023, the world, here we come!” Also on the 6th, more than 40 group tour tourists took the Emirates flight EK363 from Guangzhou Baiyun Airport to Dubai, starting the long-lost outbound group tour journey. These tourists participated in a 6-day group tour to the United Arab Emirates and a 10-day group tour to Egypt organized by Guangzhou Guangzhi International Travel Service Co., Ltd.

Li Yanling, a tourist from Guangzhou, signed up for a 6-day tour of the UAE. She said that since retirement, she has basically arranged 1 or 2 outbound trips every year. She originally planned to go to Dubai in the first half of 2020, but it was suspended due to the epidemic. Knowing that outbound group tours have resumed and that the UAE is one of the first 20 pilot countries to open up, she immediately asked her family and friends to sign up for the trip.

Before the outbreak of the new crown epidemic, China had been the world‘s largest outbound travel market for many years in a row. Dai Bin, president of the China Tourism Academy, predicts that from a full-year perspective, China‘s outbound travel market will show a trend of continued recovery and accelerated recovery.

From the perspective of demand, the confidence of Chinese tourists is continuing to recover. Relevant surveys by Qyer.com show that more than 90% of users plan to travel abroad within a year, and about a quarter of tourists choose to travel within half a year.

From the perspective of supply, China‘s outbound travel supply chain is fully prepared for market recovery. “The exchange and communication between travel agencies and reception links including overseas consulates, tourism bureaus, hotels, and airlines has never stopped. From the continuous training of the core business team during the epidemic, to the rapid release of related products after the release of a series of policies, to the first batch of routes We are always ready for the restart of outbound tourism business and market recovery.” Zhao Wenzhi, President of Guangzhou Guangzhi International Travel Service Co., Ltd., said.

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On February 6, at Shanghai Pudong International Airport, the tour leader of the outbound tour group explained relevant precautions to tourists.Photo by Xinhua News Agency reporter Chen Aiping

The “group return” of Chinese tourists will also inject strong impetus into the global tourism economy. According to Luo Lan, Director of the Shanghai Office of the National Tourism Administration of Thailand, more than 11 million Chinese tourists traveled to Thailand in 2019, accounting for a quarter of the inbound tourists received by Thailand.

“The resumption of group travel and ‘air ticket + hotel’ business will further drive more Chinese tourists to visit.” Roland predicts that 5 to 6 million Chinese tourists will visit Thailand in 2023, which will bring more benefits to the recovery of the local tourism economy. vitality.

With the efforts of many parties, many overseas destinations are gradually appearing on the “wish list” of Chinese people traveling. Spring and Autumn Tourism is actively looking for new destination resources to meet the needs of tourists for privacy, small groups and customization; Jin Jiang Tourism has established in-depth cooperation with domestic and foreign destination tourism departments such as Saudi Arabia to help them promote tourism resources in China.

“We are willing to work with countries around the world to share the achievements China has made in coordinating epidemic prevention and control and economic and social development, and to share the opportunities for the recovery and development of the tourism economy,” Dai Bin said.

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