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Ole-Kristian Bryhn is this year’s winner of the “Master of Champions”

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Ole-Kristian Bryhn is this year’s winner of the “Master of Champions”

HAPPY: Here is the winner of the “Master of Champions”. Photo: Alice Asplund

It took a few seconds before Ole-Kristian Bryhn (34) realized that he had won the “Champion of Champions” right at the finish line.

Friday 1 March at 20:58

– Anders Aukland led almost the whole way and by quite a good margin. But I took more and more into him. When I reached the goal, I only saw Anders in the corner of my eye hanging over the ball. There was a small moment I almost didn’t believe it was true. Then the fireworks went off and the others came running. Then it really dawned on me that I had won the “Champion of Champions”. It was a good feeling.

ONLY SILJE KNEW: His roommate Silje Sebjørnsrud was the only one who knew that Ole-Kristian won “Champion of Champions”. – No one else of mine knew anything, says Ole-Kristian Bryhn. Photo: Frode Hansen / VG

Second place Anders Aukland (51) tells VG that he thinks it was great fun to get all the way to the final and compete against Ole-Kristian Bryhn.

– I got a good gap in the middle and thought that now I had a handle on it. But at the end I didn’t have enough speed and in the last minute it turned around. It was a big disappointment then and there, but it passed rather quickly, says Anders Aukland to VG.

WATCH VIDEO BELOW: Final drama in “Master of Champions”

He and Ole-Kristian Bryhn shared a room during the recording of “Master of Masters”.

– We got to know each other well and had many good conversations when the camera was off. I think that there were many who thought that it was Anders who was going to win. That rush must have been very special for him too. He must have always thought that “now I win, now I win” – and then I was the one who ran away with the victory. He was very quiet on the bus back to the contestant house, but he wasn’t mad at me in any way.

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PROUD AND HAPPY: Ole-Kristian Bryhn is proud and happy that he won “Champion of Champions”. Here together with presenter and former “Champion of Champions” winner Aksel Lund Svindal Photo: Alice Asplund

Former shooter Ole-Kristian Bryhn is the reserve who entered the fifteenth season of “Champion of Champions” when Emil Meek (MMA) had to retire.

– At first I declined simply because I thought that I wouldn’t be able to do this, among other things, in relation to the holiday. But then I thought I just have to get this done. It is such a great opportunity to be allowed to take part in profiling the shooting. It is not often that we are allowed to show ourselves off in the media, says Ole-Kristian Bryhn, who today works as a fire constable in Asker and Bærum fire and rescue.

He meets VG at home in the house in Heggedal in Asker, which he shares with his partner Silje Sebjørnsrud and their almost two-year-old daughter Anja.

– It is only Silje who has known how things have gone in “Master of Masters”. No one else knows anything. Not even my immediate family. I’m really looking forward to everyone now getting to know it, says this year’s winner of the “Champion of Champions”.

“The champion of masters” has also had high viewing figures this winter – and the first part of the final, which was broadcast last Friday, was seen by 879,000 over the weekend.

Ole-Kristian Bryhn has also noticed that the interest has been great.

– During this time, many people I don’t know have come up to me and said they are cheering. I think it has been great, says this year’s “Champion of Champions”.

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