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Omicron: 33 cases in 8 EU countries, all asymptomatic or with mild symptoms

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BRUSSELS. To date, a total of 33 confirmed cases of the Omicron variant have been reported in Europe. This was announced by the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control (Ecdc). The reports come from eight countries of the European Union and the European Economic Area: Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Portugal. All confirmed cases have a history of travel to African countries, some of which have taken connecting flights to other destinations between Africa and Europe. All cases for which information on severity is available were asymptomatic or with mild symptoms.

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Covid, Minister Speranza at the G7: “Omicron confirms the urgency to vaccinate the most fragile countries”

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Biden: Get vaccinated, sooner or later Omicron will come in Usa
Joe Biden invited Americans from the White House to get vaccinated or booster also to deal with the new Omicron variant which, he said, “sooner or later will also arrive in the US”. The president expressed his applause for the “transparency” with which South Africa immediately made the variant known, allowing new travel restrictions that “give us time for further action”. Joe Biden excludes for now other restrictive measures after those already taken: “I don’t think shutdowns or lockdowns will be necessary if people get vaccinated and wear masks.” Also because the virus, according to Biden, “is a cause for concern, not panic. We have the best vaccines in the world, the best medicines, the best scientists, we are learning every single day and we will fight this variant with choice based and informed action and speed, not chaos and confusion. “

Meanwhile, after a few months of easing anti-covid measures in the US, in the face of the alert for the Omicron variant, the new strong recommendation to wear masks in public places was launched today in New York. Dave Chokshi, the city’s health commissioner, pointed out that at the moment no cases of the South African variant have been identified in the city but – he said – “we expect that cases of the Omicron mutation will also be identified in New York given its global spread. “. Both the mayor and Chokshi have sent messages inviting citizens to get vaccinated, undergo the booster, especially to immunize children.

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