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Omicron, South African experts: “Highly transmissible but milder”

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The Omicron variant is highly transmissible, but has less than a 1% chance of reinfection and typically results in ‘milder’ disease. This was stated by a South African researcher at the BBC. “So far we know three things: the first thing is that the virus is spreading extraordinarily fast in South Africa, the increase in cases is much stronger than it has been in the last three waves so it seems that Omicron is able to spread. very easily. Virtually all the cases we see in South Africa right now are Omicron, ”said the director of the South African Research Institute, prof. Willem Hanekom.

“The second thing – he continued – on which we have data are reinfections: a person who has had Covid has about 1% chance, or perhaps even less than 1%, of being infected again”. Finally, the only data we have so far suggest that the variant may manifest itself more in younger people and especially in unvaccinated young people and, overall, it has so far appeared milder. But, once again, I want to say that we must be careful: these are the first days ».

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