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Omicron spreads to many countries. Britain convenes an emergency meeting of G7 health ministers on Monday

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The variant virus Omicron has spread to many countries, and countries have stepped up anti-epidemic measures; European Commission President Von der Lein said that understanding the new virus variant Omicron, the world is in a “race against time”, and she also called for anti-epidemic measures to enable scientists to have Time to analyze the new variant virus. The UK convened an emergency meeting of health ministers from the Group of Seven nations on Monday.

Agence France-Presse reported that Britain, which currently holds the rotating presidency of the Group of Seven countries, announced on Sunday that it will hold an “emergency meeting” of the health ministers of the Group of Seven countries on Monday to discuss the issue of responding to the new coronavirus variant Omicron.

The European Commission President Von der Lein said in Riga on Sunday: To analyze the Omicron variant of the new coronavirus and understand whether the vaccine needs to be adjusted, “we are in a race against time.” Von der Lein called for preventive measures to allow scientists time to analyze new variant viruses. Von Delane said, “It will take two to three weeks for scientists and manufacturers to fully understand the mutational characteristics of this new coronavirus variant.

At present, confirmed cases of Omicron variant virus have been found in many countries

Britain said on Sunday that it had found a third confirmed case of Omicron. British Health Secretary Javid said on Sunday that from the 30th, British shops and public transport will resume the mandatory wearing of masks. All passengers arriving in the UK will be instructed to undergo PCR screening and quarantine themselves until a negative result is released.

The Dutch health department said on Sunday that among 61 travelers from South Africa who were quarantined due to confirmed new coronavirus infections, at least 13 cases of Omicron were found. The National Institute of Public Health and the Environment of the Netherlands issued a statement stating that the investigation has not yet ended, and the new variant strain may still be detected in more screening samples.

Germany said on Sunday that after a suspected case in Western Hessen was tested and confirmed, there are currently 3 confirmed cases of Omicron mutant virus strains in the country. Hessian officials said that the suspected case was a traveller who entered from South Africa. The Bavarian State Department of Health stated that anyone who has been in South Africa in the past 14 days should immediately reduce contact, undergo PCR testing and notify the local health authorities.

In addition, Austria and neighboring Italy have also found confirmed cases of the variant virus. Due to the surge in confirmed cases, Austria has strengthened public life control on the 22nd, and implemented the national epidemic prevention blockade for the fourth time, becoming the first country in Western Europe to restore the lockdown this fall.

Although no confirmed cases of the variant virus have been found in France, French Health Minister Vérin said on Sunday that the Omicron variant strain may have been circulated in France, and the government will tighten epidemic prevention restrictions to curb the spread of the virus. Wayland told reporters at a vaccination center in Paris: “The case has not yet been identified, but it may only be a matter of time.

Israel announced on the 27th that it will ban foreigners from entering the country, but contestants participating in the Israel Miss Universe pageant will be exempted, but PCR screening and other preventive measures may be required every 48 hours.


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