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One Belt One Road celebrity She Zhijiang was arrested and accused of being Meng Jianzhu’s team | She Lunkai | Gambling tycoon | Zhou Zhuohua

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One Belt One Road celebrity She Zhijiang was arrested and accused of being Meng Jianzhu’s team | She Lunkai | Gambling tycoon | Zhou Zhuohua

[Epoch Times, August 16, 2022](The Epoch Times reporter Ning Haizhong comprehensive report) After Macau’s “little gambling king” Zhou Zhuohua, another Chinese gambling tycoon She Zhijiang was arrested in Thailand. She Zhijiang is accused of being the leader of the Chinese Communist Party’s overseas Chinese in Southeast Asia, who once built a giant gambling city on the Myanmar-Thailand border under the “Belt and Road” initiative. His arrest was speculated to be related to Xi Jinping’s purge of the underworld forces deployed in Southeast Asia by Meng Jianzhu, the former secretary of the CCP’s Political and Legal Committee.

Wanted criminal, Chinese gambling tycoon She Zhijiang was arrested, the CCP rarely low-key

Thailand’s “Bangkok Post” (Bangkok Post) reported on August 13 that the 40-year-old “She Zhijiang” (She Zhijiang, also known as She Lunkai), was arrested in Thailand on the 10th on suspicion of operating an illegal online casino.

The Thai police said that She Zhijiang’s Thai visa was cancelled by the Immigration Bureau on the evening of the 10th and is awaiting an application for her extradition to China.

She Zhijiang has been wanted by Beijing authorities since 2012, the report said. According to the Chinese Red Notice, he mainly operated cross-border online gambling, established many online gambling websites such as Mangrove, Tesco, and Yiyou International, recruited 330,000 gamblers, and illegally earned more than 150 million yuan.

According to public information, She Zhijiang was born in Shaoyang, Hunan in 1982, and later moved to Guilin, Guangxi. In the early years, he was engaged in online gambling in the Philippines, and his projects included the “Asia Pacific Spa” in Manila. In 2014, She Zhijiang was convicted by a court in Shandong Province for opening an illegal cross-border gambling and lottery business in the Philippines (She was not present). Eight suspects in the same case were sentenced to severe sentences. She Zhijiang fled in Southeast Asia with 40,000 yuan. , was once publicly wanted by the CCP authorities as a fugitive.

However, She Zhijiang quickly gained a foothold with his gambling scams and drug trafficking in Cambodia and Thailand and other places, and became a Cambodian citizen and holds a Cambodian passport. She Zhijiang mingled in the overseas Chinese community in Myanmar, Thailand, Cambodia and other countries, trying his best to cling to the CCP’s Belt and Road projects in Southeast Asia to expand his “career” territory and create an image for himself as a “successful overseas Chinese businessman”.

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Caixin Weekly reported that She Zhijiang has several names such as She Lunkai, Tang Lunkai, Tang Kiang Kai, etc.

It is worth noting that after the arrest of Zhou Zhuohua, the “little gambling king” in Macau, the CCP’s official media once made a lot of hype, but after the arrest of She Zhijiang, who is also a gambling tycoon, the CCP official has not yet responded. Except for Caixin.com and some self-media, there is no official media report in mainland China.

From “Belt and Road” Reds to CCP Abandoned Sons

She Zhijiang is the chairman of the board of directors of Asia Pacific International Holdings Group (referred to as Asia Pacific International), and holds the title of honorary president or founding president of 11 associations such as the Cambodia Hunan General Chamber of Commerce, including the permanent honorary president of the Hong Kong Myanmar-China Friendship Association. Served as the executive vice president of the Chinese Overseas Chinese Business Association under the Chinese Federation of Returned Overseas Chinese, and appeared on the cover of “China Overseas Chinese Businessmen” magazine. In November 2018, when Chinese President Xi Jinping visited the Philippines, She Zhijiang was also one of the guests at the dinner with former Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte.

In 2017, She Zhijiang announced a high-profile investment of US$15 billion to develop an “Asia-Pacific New City” in Myanmar. According to the planning documents, Asia Pacific New City is located in Shuigou Valley in Kayin State, which borders Myanmar and Thailand, covering an area of ​​180,000 mu.

The CCP Overseas Chinese Network reported in July 2019 that on the afternoon of July 19, the cooperation signing ceremony between the CCP International Economic Exchange Center and the overseas Chinese-funded enterprise Asia Pacific International Holdings Group was held in Beijing.

The Chinese Communist Party Center for International Economic Exchanges (CCIEE) is an economic research institution under the supervision of the National Development and Reform Commission of the Communist Party of China, and is regarded as a high-level think tank of the Chinese Communist Party.

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She Lunkai (She Zhijiang) said at the time: “The construction of Myanmar’s Asia-Pacific International Smart Industry New City is not only the practice and interpretation of the country’s ‘Belt and Road’ initiative, but also is of great significance for private enterprises to help the country’s ‘Belt and Road’ initiative to set benchmarks and models. “

According to the report, Guojing Consulting Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of the International Economic Exchange Center of the Communist Party of China, will do the top-level design for the Asia-Pacific International Smart Industry New City in Myanmar. The Asia-Pacific International Smart Industry New City is a key project of the “China-Myanmar Economic Corridor Construction”.

The CCP Overseas Chinese Network reported in July 2019 that the signing ceremony of the cooperation between the CCP International Economic Exchange Center and the overseas Chinese-funded enterprise Asia Pacific International Holdings Group was held in Beijing. (Internet screenshot)

Several state-owned enterprises have also participated in the construction of the Asia-Pacific New City, including China Railway 20th Bureau Group (CR20) and MCC International Incorporation.

In addition, the CCP’s United Front Organization Overseas Federation of Entrepreneurs (CFOE) and the CPPCC News Agency (CPPCC News) also participated in the Asia-Pacific New City project.

However, in June 2020, Myanmar officials suspected that Asia Pacific New City was suspected of gambling and conducted an investigation and inspection, and She Zhijiang was immediately abandoned by the CCP. On July 15 of the same year, the overseas Chinese businessmen of the Communist Party of China terminated the position and membership of She Lunkai as the executive vice president of the Federation of Chinese Overseas Chinese Businessmen. The Chinese embassy in Myanmar separated from She Zhijiang in August and issued a statement saying that Myanmar’s Asia-Pacific New City has nothing to do with the “Belt and Road” initiative.

In July 2020, the United States Institute of Peace (USIP) published a report entitled “Myanmar Casino City: China‘s Role and Transnational Criminal Networks”. The report describes how the CCP has infiltrated Myanmar through underworld tactics, and how Chinese state-owned enterprises and other institutions support underworld figures behind the scenes.

The report mentioned that there are three projects under construction on land in Myanmar’s Kayin state, with a total of 157 square kilometers of land controlled by Chinese companies engaged in businesses such as illegal gambling, money laundering and cryptocurrencies. One of these projects is the Asia Pacific New City project.

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Taiwan media questioned arrest of She Zhijiang in relation to high-level CCP power struggle

On August 15, Taiwan’s “Xin Media” published an article titled “Cambodia Fraud Case and Chinese Illegal Forces Related to Xi Jinping’s Sweeping of Meng Jianzhu’s Forces? ‘KK Park’ Owner She Zhijiang Arrested”, referring to Myanmar Myawaddy ” “KK Park” is the terminal for all human trafficking in the fraudulent park, and She Zhijiang is one of the owners of “KK Park”.

The article quoted some overseas people who were aware of the CCP’s political and legal shady story and broke the news, suggesting that Meng Jianzhu, the former secretary of the CCP’s Political and Legal Committee, was in control of the underworld forces throughout Southeast Asia during the period when he controlled the CCP’s Ministry of Public Security and the political and legal system. The “white glove” that made money for Meng Jianzhu and Zeng Qinghong and other Jiang faction bosses.

The article said that it is no longer a secret that the CCP used the Belt and Road Initiative to cover up its transnational criminal network in Southeast Asia. Whether the arrest of She Zhijiang is the same as the arrest of Zhou Zhuohua, in the name of cracking down on cross-border online gambling, is in fact a violation of high-level powers of the CCP. Fight, to be watched.

After Zhou Zhuohua was arrested last year, Yuan Hongbing, a scholar in Macau and a well-known political commentator, disclosed to The Epoch Times that Zhou Zhuohua was the “white glove” of the CCP’s powerful family, such as Jiang faction Zeng Qinghong and Meng Jianzhu. Zhou Zhuohua was arrested in Macau because the Xi faction wanted to destroy it. The economic foundation of Jiang Zemin, Zeng Qinghong, Meng Jianzhu and others.

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