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One Day on Netflix, or how choices can affect our lives (and love)

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One Day on Netflix, or how choices can affect our lives (and love)

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One Day, a book that excites everyone

Translated into 31 languages ​​– a record rarely achieved by a book today – One Day it reached first place in the best-selling books charts in the United Kingdom, Italy and Sweden, second place in Germany and third place in Russia. The book was published for the first time by Hodder & Stoughton in the United Kingdom in June 2009, and immediately received a flattering reception from both the public and critics. Having become a ‘must’, it reached the top of the Sunday Times bestseller list in hardback, and subsequently of bestsellers in paperback. The novel won the Galaxy National Book Award for Popular Fiction Book of the Year and spent 12 weeks on the New York Times bestseller list, coming in at number four.

While specifying that it was not autobiographical, David Nicholls stated that with his novel he wanted “recreate the feeling of intimacy you feel when leafing through a photo album, communicating the emotions that each snapshot arouses. In this story, the snapshot is a particular day of the year, July 15th. We are more or less the same at 23 and 43, yet so different.” The novel, the author observed, “has appealed to people both younger and older than me. The readers identified with the story, and this was a great surprise and a great joy for me, because the novel, and the story, are quite personal. Yet some readers wrote to me: ‘I too have my Dexter, and the book made me rediscover him’, or: ‘I also have my Emma, ​​and I married her’. I think the public liked this story because it’s been a while since novels have been published with a story that develops over a long period of time.”

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One Day, why does it make us think?

If you already know the story, you will already know the ending, which we will not write about here. We can only prepare you by telling you that you will need a lot of tissues for those tears. But even if you already know how things will go, relive One Day in this successful serial form will still make you reflect and rethink the choices you have made in the past, in a sort of torturous sliding-doors that will make your heart pang but at the same time make you fall in love once again. Turning back the hands of time, bringing back those kids still gripped by existential doubts. An uncertainty, that of life, which finds light and clarity only through one thing: love.

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