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One of the world’s largest container ships “Mediterranean Ambra” berths at Xiamen Port

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One of the world‘s largest container ships “Mediterranean Ambra” berthed at Xiamen Port

In the first three quarters, Xiamen Port’s “Silk Road Shipping” named shipping route completed container throughput of 1,890,900 TEUs, an increase of 17.0%.

On October 3, the ship “Mediterranean Ambra” with a capacity of 23,700 TEUs berthed at Xiamen Port. (Photo by reporter Wang Xieyun aerial camera)

Xiamen Daily (Reporter Xu Jingming, Correspondent Bai Wenbin) Yesterday, one of the world‘s largest container ships with a total length of 399.90 meters and a capacity of 23,700 TEUs called “Mediterranean Ambra” berthed at Xiamen Port.

“Mediterranean Ambra” is a ship named “Silk Road Shipping”. It executes the Asia-Mediterranean route. It calls Busan in South Korea, Shanghai in China, Xiamen in China, Singapore, Gioia Tauro in Italy, Barcelona in Spain and other major global ports along the way. During the berthing at Xiamen Port, Songyu Container Terminal opened the “Silk Road Shipping” full-speed operation mode for the ship. “This is the most true portrayal of Xiamen Port and the “Silk Road Shipping” in ensuring the stability of the industrial chain and supply chain during the epidemic. “Fujian Silk Road Shipping Operations Co., Ltd. Deputy General Manager Li Nan said.

According to the data, in the first three quarters of this year, the 55 “Silk Road Shipping” named routes in Xiamen Port opened a total of 1,645 voyages, completing a container throughput of 1,890,900 TEUs, a year-on-year increase of 17.0%.

It is worth mentioning that this month coincides with the 8th anniversary of the “21st Century Maritime Silk Road” initiative. Li Nan said that “Silk Road Shipping” shoulders the new mission of creating new channels, promoting dual circulation, ensuring supply chains, supporting industrial chains, serving the “Belt and Road”, and advancing the construction of a community of shared future for countries along the Silk Road. Next, “Silk Road Shipping” will actively create a world-class business environment, help attract investment and stabilize foreign trade.

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