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Onion prices in the markets | Info

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Onion prices in the markets |  Info

The price of onions has tripled, so a kilogram of this vegetable costs 180 dinars in the markets, while previously it cost more than 300 dinars in non-Belgrade markets.

Source: Mondo

Price of black onion at markets in Čačak has tripled, so these vegetables are more expensive than seasonal fruits. Apparently, consumers are planting less onions in their gardens, so this has also had an impact on vegetable prices. Even though the prices make customers tear up these days, they know that they can’t make a good lunch without onions.

“The price of onions, from the local baker, is currently 180 dinars, and the Dutch one is 150. All of us who produce and sell them at the stalls were surprised by the price. However, it is likely that our people have distanced themselves a little from their products and do not sow onions, so be and the price is higher,” said Zoran Ćiriman, a seller behind the fruit and vegetable stall at the Čačan market, reports the Voice of Western Serbia.

Customers say that you can almost buy two kilos of oranges for a kilo of onions. Ćiriman adds that at the end of the season, from a kilogram of seed onions that cost only 250 dinars, he can produce up to 20 kilograms of that vegetable, and that he just needs to work.

In Belgrade, at Paliluska market, a kilogram of this vegetable at the beginning of the month, it cost 300 dinars. The rest of the capital’s markets were a bit cheaper, so onions at one point reached a price of 200-250 dinarsfor a kilogram, and she soon saved.

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Onions used to cost 100, and now large onions cost up to 180 dinars per kilogram“, says Zoran Milanović, a farmer from Kočino Selo near Jagodina. A large red onion costs up to 150 dinars.

As STIPS reports, onions on the green market in Smederevo cost from 100 dinars, while in Leskovac and Loznica they cost 150 dinars per kilogram. In Kraljevo and Užice it is slightly cheaper and amounts to 130 dinars. At the Kvanta market in Novi Sad, a kilogram of this vegetable is 80 dinars, while in Belgrade it is 120 dinars.


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