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only «traditional Russian cuisine»- breaking latest news

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only «traditional Russian cuisine»- breaking latest news

Six courses, fish appetizers, Russian crêpes made with quail and mushrooms, fish soup, Siberian white salmon and pomegranate sorbet. Is this the official dinner menu by Xi Jinping and Vladimir Putin, as anticipated by Russian journalistic sources. The dinner will be held in the Kremlin, at Mosca.

The first course will be either fish and vegetables or venison with cherry sauce. Desserts the pavlova cakebased on meringue, filled with whipped cream and fresh fruit, dessert that originated far from Russia, in Australia and New Zealandas a tribute to the Russian dancer Anna Pavlova who was on tour in those countries at the beginning of the twentieth century.

The wines come from Tenuta di Divnomorskoyewhich is located near Putin’s palace in Gelendzhik.

Peskov, spokesman for the Russian president, promised “traditional Russian cuisine” and further explained that Putin he always has ice cream ready for his guest: “Xi adores him.”

Putin today received Xi Jinping, who arrived in Moscow on an official visit. During the meeting, which took place in the Kremlin, Putin welcomed the Chinese leader as follows: «Dear friend, welcome to Russia, to Moscow. I am pleased to personally congratulate you on your re-election as the Chinese head of state. In recent years, China has made a huge leap forward in terms of development. It arouses genuine interest all over the world, and we envy you even a little,” the Russian president noted.

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