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Operation Praetorian: MP requests preventive detention for Madureira and “Polaco” | public ministry

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This Tuesday, the Public Ministry (MP) requested preventive detention for Fernando Madureira, leader of the Super Dragões, and Hugo “Polaco”, a member of the cheer squad, within the scope of the Operation Praetorianand house arrest with electronic surveillance for Vítor Catão.

A judicial source told the Lusa agency that, in promoting the coercive measures to be applied to defendants by the Criminal Instruction Court (TIC) of Porto, the MP prosecutor defended that Madureira and Hugo Carneiro (“Polish”) be subject to the coercive measure most serious: preventive detention.

For Vítor Catão, who chose not to make a statement before the criminal investigation judge Pedro Miguel Vieira, the MP defended the application of house arrest, with electronic surveillance.

For the remaining nine defendants, the MP prosecutor requested a ban on contact, a ban on access to sports venues and periodic presentations to the authorities.

After the MP’s promotions, the lawyers for the 12 defendants presented their respective arguments, but the coercive measures will only be known on Wednesday afternoon, at 4 pm.

However, at the end of the afternoon, Fernando Madureira’s wife, Sandra, and five of the seven detained at the Bela Vista police station (Hugo Loureiro, Fernando Saul, Vítor ‘Aleixo’, Vítor Bruno Oliveira and José Pereira) were released.

The investigations began with a significant delay, compared to the scheduled time (10 am), with the investigating judge Pedro Miguel Vieira arriving at the TIC at 11 am.

Last Wednesday, the PSP detained 12 people – including two FC Porto employees and the leader of the Super Dragões, Fernando Madureira -, as part of the Operation Praetorianwhich investigates the incidents that occurred at the extraordinary General Assembly (GA) of FC Porto on November 13th.

According to court documents, to which the Lusa agency had access, the Public Prosecutor’s Office maintains that the Super Dragões fans intended to “create a climate of intimidation and fear” at the FC Porto AG.

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The District Attorney General’s Office of Porto announced that the issues are “crimes of harm to physical integrity in the context of a sporting spectacle or event related to the sporting phenomenon, coercion and aggravated threat, public instigation of a crime, throwing of objects or liquid products and also an attack on freedom of information”.

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