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operators adhere to the AGCOM code of conduct

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operators adhere to the AGCOM code of conduct

iliad, Fastweb, TIM, Vodafone e WindTre have announced that they have adhered to the “Code of Conduct for call center activities” approved last August by the Communications Regulatory Authority.


The Code of Conduct is the result of a working table promoted by AGCOM which saw the participation of sector operators and trade associations, whose objective is to contribute to combating the practice of illegal and aggressive teleselling and to encourage consumer adherence to contracts compliant with current legislation.

The Code of Conduct, developed as part of the work of the technical table established with resolution no. 420/19/CONS, defines, in a self-regulatory logic, a series of measuresto be transposed into contracts between electronic communications operators and commercial partners who carry out call center activities, inspired by the following principles:

transparency of contracts with end users concluded by telephone; correct use of telephone number lists, as provided by operators; regulation of the subcontracting of call center activities; obligation for the customer to call the call center; obligation to register with the call center ROC; prohibition on changing the Caller Line Identification of the line from which the call to the customer originates.

The AGCOM code, essentially, represents a further tool to combat fraudulent phenomena and joins those already offeredconfirming the need for continuous updating of the response of institutions and operators.


iliad, we read in a note, has not carried out and continues not to carry out outbound teleselling and telemarketing activities. Nonetheless, it has actively worked with AGCOM to achieve this result. The company, the note continues,

has been committed from day one to putting truth and trust in relationships with people at the center of its business, increasingly raising its standards of transparency.

For this reason, Iliad stated that it is constantly working with all the institutions in the sector to increasingly increase the level of user protection.

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In their joint statement, Fastweb, TIM, Vodafone and WindTre also confirmed their commitment to discuss, within a technical roundtable, the topics regarding any new risks of violation, identify and define strategies not joint initiatives to strengthen cooperation between operators and trade associations and other authorities involved. Furthermore, operators will provide the Authority with periodic reports on the progress of sample checks with respect to the correct execution of the principles established by the code.


ore 18.20

Sky has also signed up to the new code of conduct for telephone operators and call centers. Here is their official communication.

Milan, 21 September 2023. Sky has joined the Code of Conduct promoted by AGCOM aimed at combating illegal and aggressive teleselling practices in the electronic communications sector.

The Code, drawn up within the technical table established by the Authority, was developed thanks to synergistic work between institutions, telco operators and trade associations with the common intention of protecting consumers through the correct application of sector legislation.

Sky has always placed the customer at the center of its priorities and adhering to the Code represents further confirmation of this commitment, and of the desire to actively contribute to the creation of a virtuous system that increasingly takes consumer needs into account.

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