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“Order adhered to”: HSV wins again – the start of a comeback?

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“Order adhered to”: HSV wins again – the start of a comeback?

Was that the starting signal for a furious race to catch up? That remains to be seen, but at least the HSV arrow is pointing upwards again. After two bankruptcies in a row, the 3-0 (1-0) against Wehen Wiesbaden serves as an encouragement and signal to the competition.

There was already a strong dose of relief mixed into the final cheers of the 55,523 fans in the Volkspark, and Sebastian Schonlau embellished it verbally shortly afterwards. “It feels damn good to go home with a confident victory,” explained the captain and beamed. “It was very, very important for the feeling.”

In fact, in addition to the three points, that’s exactly what it was about: the feeling. To send a message after the hard setbacks against Osnabrück (1:2) and in Düsseldorf (0:2). Therefore, despite still being five points behind second place in the table, at least we can show a sign of life in the fight for promotion.

Baumgart happy with his team’s style of play

Steffen Baumgart also saw it that way, even though you couldn’t see it compared to his players. The coach has cultivated the somewhat grumpy attitude that surrounds him, and it remained that way even after this victory. But his words spoke of satisfaction. “3-0 sounds good and it is,” he said, emphasizing what he particularly liked: “It’s nice that the team stuck to the order that was necessary. Hold on against a strong team and then maybe play football.”

That’s what they did, in that exact order. Bakery Jatta’s shot could have made things even easier, but it hit the post after 58 seconds. After Wiesbaden’s Robin Heußer almost scored to make it 0-1 (7th), HSV gradually fought and played its way free. Muheim’s deflected shot to make it 1-0 (33rd) was the result of dominance. HSV also hit the woodwork twice, through Dennis Hadzikadunic (crossbar/21st) and Immanuel Pherai (post/40th).

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Bénes free kick ensures a preliminary decision

After the break, however, HSV at least partially made up for what it had missed before the change. László Bénes’ free kick hit the Wiesbaden net to make it 2-0 (51′), by which point the drop had already largely been sucked. Substitute Ransford Königsdörffer finally increased the score to 3-0 in the final phase (85th).

A step forward, for sure. Nevertheless, Baumgart also effortlessly found approaches for criticism. The coach disliked the way his professionals handled numerous counterattack opportunities sloppily after the change. “Unfortunately we weren’t clear and clean enough in some situations,” he complained, but then stopped himself: “There is no such thing as a perfect game. You will never reach 100 percent.”

Reis doesn’t want to look at Kiel

But yesterday’s increase gives fans hope. Baumgart’s handwriting was much more clearly visible than in previous weeks, especially in the quick transition game.

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A win as a small start, many more three points must now follow in the last eight games of the season if HSV still wants to have a realistic chance of second place. “We have a good team to win everything,” said midfielder Ludovit Reis. “We want that too. Watching on Kiel whether they win or lose really doesn’t matter. We have to get our points.”

After all: Since yesterday, HSV has known again how and with which weapons it works.

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