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“Origens” exhibition at Alameda da Campinas Decor 2024 – MONDO MODA

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“Origens” exhibition at Alameda da Campinas Decor 2024 – MONDO MODA

Alameda da Campinas Decor 2024 hosts the “Origens” exhibition with photos of Manu Pivatti made in remote indigenous areas of the Amazon rainforest, in addition to a collection of indigenous artifacts.

Manu Pivatti with indigenous children on one of his expeditions @ Manu Pivatti

Working as a volunteer in logistics for several NGOs in the health sector, Pivatti had the opportunity to carry out several forays into the dense forest, establishing periods of direct contact with various ethnicities of the original peoples. The experience of living in this environment resulted in a rich photographic collection, as well as a collection of indigenous artifacts.

Origins Exhibition @ Manu Pivatti

During his proximity to these people, the professional was able to interact and document through his lenses the daily life of the indigenous people, including activities such as hunting, fishing, games, food preparation, the interior of the huts, and mainly, recorded rituals in which the presence of external people is highly restricted.

Origins Exhibition @ Manu Pivatti

He reports that anthropological and cultural experiences, added to the adversities faced to survive in the jungle, shaped his versatility and ability to adapt as a photographer. The extensive journeys by land, water and air allowed us to get to know Brazil’s origins intimately.

Origins Exhibition @ Manu Pivatti

Curated by architect Cristina Sagarra, the exhibition shown at Campinas Decor is, according to Pivatti, just a fraction of the vast material accumulated throughout these trips, which includes a collection of more than 10 thousand photographs and a private collection of artifacts worthy of a museum.

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“The public who visits the exhibition prepared exclusively for Campinas Decor and which we brought to the exhibition in the week in which the Day of the Original Peoples is celebrated, will be able to see photographs of indigenous rituals that are part of my personal collection and are exclusive records, given the restriction of witnessing these occasions. Furthermore, we gathered artifacts of great anthropological, historical and cultural value, such as a trunk used in the Xinguan Ritual of Kuarup and the Tucandeira Ant Glove from the Ritual of Passage of the Sateré-Mawé People”, says the photographer.

Origins Exhibition @ Manu Pivatti

The exhibition can be visited at Alameda Campinas Decor until May 13th. It can be visited during the exhibition’s visiting hours (service below) and to access the space you must purchase a ticket for the event.

Campinas Decor 2024
Date: until May 26th
Visiting hours: Tuesday to Friday, from 2pm to 10pm, and on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays, from 12:30pm to 10pm; the ticket office always closes at 8:30 pm
Location: Locomotive Workshop of Companhia Mogiana de Estrada de Ferro (Clock Building – Rua Dr. Sales de Oliveira, 1380, Vila Industrial, Campinas, SP
Tickets: R$ 60.00 (full), R$ 30.00 (half), R$ 100.00 (Campinas Decor passport with unlimited visits, except for closed events); Children under 12 are free
Service: parking (R$ 30.00 per period), Brincavilla toy library (R$ 40.00 per hour), restaurant and cafeteria.
Information: (19) 99378-7008

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