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Osman Karić about Nataša Šavija | Entertainment

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Osman Karić about Nataša Šavija |  Entertainment

The father of Stefan Karić, who is in custody for violence against Nataša Šavija, revealed new details

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A few weeks ago, the starlet Nataša Šavija accused the former member of the Zadruga Stefan Karić of brutally beating her at a party where they were both guests. The Serbian starlet spent several days in the hospital where she was admitted with severe facial injuries.

After three days of escape, Stefan turned himself in to the police and is currently in custody, where he has been detained for 30 days, and now his father, Osman Karić, who visits him regularly, has revealed new details related to this case.

“It’s not easy for me. I was there for others, so I will be there for my son if he is proven guilty. Some haters condemned him in advance. She didn’t appear in court twice, the next one is detention. I see that it is advertised on social networks. I found out about everything through the media. Journalists called, it wasn’t easy for me at all,” said Osman Karić and continued:

“I couldn’t believe what was happening. I can’t talk about the details of everything. I do not justify any violence, not even that. I still don’t know what exactly happened and where the mistake crept up on him if he really did it. I don’t know if maybe he was drunk or what. I will influence him for sure. His mother is taken aback, worries like me. I didn’t expect that from Stefan. Many blame the children, not maybe the genes also played a role. I was never violent towards girls, I respected girls. I’ll apologize to the girl in person if I have to, and talk to her if I have to. God never let what happened to me happen to him. Everyone has a lot of ups and downs in life, I was a restless spirit, and I changed when I got him. I don’t recommend the street to anyone, the nineties will never come back, I recommend children to play sports and forget about crime. Son, I’ll see you on Monday, kiss you goodbye,” said Osman in the “Premier Weekend Special” show.

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These are the pictures of the injured Natasha Xavija:

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