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Ostoja Mijailović on FK Partizan | Sport

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Ostoja Mijailović on FK Partizan |  Sport

Ostoja Mijailović talked about the football club and problems with debts.

Source: MN PRESS

The problems between JSD Partizan and the football club continue, the situation is apparently not close to a solution. The relationship between the two parties has not progressed, the president of the Yugoslav sports association Ostoja Mijailović he talked about all that. He hopes that things could improve in the near future.

The first man of the basketball club pointed out that he is worried about the happenings in the football section.

“It’s a football club lost to Workers i I’m worried about that second position, if it’s not second, we won’t qualify for the Champions League, which can be a big problem. It is a historic opportunity that should not be missed. We have some consultations, the management of the football club does not pay the expenses for taxes, water, electricity, sewerage, nobody can live in the house and not pay anything. We are financing it with private money and the basketball club, they owe millions of euros to JSD, an urgent solution must be found, because if this continues, it will experience a disaster from which it will not recover for many years“, said Mijailović for the club’s television.

He also talked about the situation within the JDS.

I have been in charge of JSD Partizan for almost six months, we found a bad situation, we knew all that. We are trying to solve some things that seem intractable. JSD is the overall owner of everything, clubs, crests, as in Real and Barcelona. It has been deliberately neglected for years, he has the right to change club leaders, to make changes,” said Mijailović.

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Ostoja Mijailović interview
Source: YouTube/BC Partizan TV

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