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“Overcompensate”, adelanto de Twenty One Pilots

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“Overcompensate”, adelanto de Twenty One Pilots

“Overcompensate” is the new release by the band Twenty One Pilots, a song that previews their next album, “Clancy”which will be released through Fueled By Ramen.

The single is a sonic attempt to return to the musical era that the duo lived in 2018, returning to their origins and the peak of their success, which spread worldwide. And the fact is that the followers of the formation had already recently noticed that the band was releasing clues about this new era through their platforms, sharing drawings and illustrations from their previous albums but with a red insulating tape covering their eyes on all the covers of releases on Spotify, Apple Music and YouTube.

That is why this single puts an end to the doubts that these strategies had raised. In addition, the band has published a teaser in which Tyler Joseph, a member of the band, explained that he was trapped in a cycle. The album’s setlist has already been released, these being the thirteen songs that make up the album: “Overcompensate”, “Next Semester”, “Midwest Indigo”, “Routines In The Night”, “Backslide”, “Vignette”, “The Craving (Jenna’s Version)”, “Lavish”, “Navigating”, “Snap Back”, “Oldies Station”, “At the Risk Of Feeling Dumb” and “Paladin Strait”.

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