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Paderno Dugnano (Milan), kept his mother’s mummified corpse at home to pocket his pension

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Paderno Dugnano (Milan), kept his mother’s mummified corpse at home to pocket his pension

A Paderno Dugnano (Milan) one 64enne, Sabina Ghirello, would have kept the mummified corpse of the 90 year old mother, Pasqualina Muneratoto continue collecting your pension. It was discovered by the carabinieriwho found the body sealed in a chestin an advanced state of decomposition, in the apartment where the woman lived, who died six or seven months ago.

Intervened for the death of the 64-year-old, the carabinieri searched the house for the documents of
a phantom Rsa where the old woman should have been hospitalized, according to the statements of the neighbors.

The intervention of the carabinieri The other residents of the neighborhood raised the alarm. The 90-year-old was generally ill and had been living in a facility for the elderly for some time in the province of Verona. They were the ones who spoke to the carabinieri about the need to trace the center where the old woman should have been. For this reason, the soldiers of the Sesto San Giovanni Company (Milan) returned to Paderno Dugnano and started looking for clues and documents that could help them locate the hospitalization facility, after finding no trace of the 90-year-old in numerous centers contacted.

The searches they continued for several hours, given that the house was in precarious hygienic conditions, full of objects and furnishings, which made it difficult to locate wardrobes and drawers. In a chest, in one of the rooms of the house, the soldiers found what is almost certainly Pasqualina’s body, wrapped in cellophane and mummified. The carabinieri of the Surveys Section of the Provincial Command of Milan then intervened on the spot, who started the technical-scientific investigations arranged by the Monza Public Prosecutor’s Office. The two bodies were both transported to the forensic medicine institute of Milan for the forensic examinations necessary to decree the causes of both deaths and confirm the identity of the ninety-year-old.

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The investigations From a check carried out on current accounts and at the registry office, it emerged that the death of the 90-year-old was never communicated and that Sabrina Ghirello was regularly receiving her pension, her only source of livelihood, in the account jointly held with her mother.

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