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Pakistan, arrest warrant for former premier Khan

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Pakistan, arrest warrant for former premier Khan

The Islamabad High Court has issued a warrant for the arrest of the former prime minister of Pakistan, Imran Khan. This was reported by the Pakistani capital police in a statement released on Twitter. “Imran Khan did not appear in court for the previous hearing”, the note reads, “an arrest warrant was issued to ensure his appearance in court”. “Imran Khan has not yet obtained bail and in case of non-appearance he can be arrested.”

Pakistan, former premier Imran Khan risks arrest: “He violated the anti-terrorism law”

by Gianluca Modolo

On August 22, Khan, whose election had disrupted the traditional family blocs that dominate Pakistani politics, was indicted under the anti-terrorism law of threats to the police and a magistrate. The former cricket star, who had left the leadership of the government last April following a vote of no confidence, had come under fire after a tough rally held two days earlier in front of his supporters in Islamabad. “We will not spare you”, the former prime minister thundered to the agents and a judge responsible for the sedition arrest of one of his loyalists, who had urged the army to revolt against the new executive led by Shahbaz Sharif, archrival of Khan.

He accuses them of conspiracies

After his dismissal, Khan had called large demonstrations with the aim of returning to power and accused the police of torturing his political adviser Shahbaz Gill, who was arrested on 10 August.
Indicted for high treason for asking the military not to enforce “illegal orders”, Gill faces the death penalty. A few days later another high-profile supporter of Khan, journalist Jameel Farooqi, was reportedly arrested for also accusing law enforcement of torturing Gill. Police denied abusing Gill and claim that the detainee is in poor health because he suffers from asthma.

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Catastrophe floods, the appeal of the ambassador of Pakistan: 33 million displaced and more than a thousand dead, Italy helps us

in Jauhar Saleem

Khan accuses the United States of orchestrating his removal from power in order to punish him for his decision to remain neutral towards the conflict in Ukraine. According to local media, many young people are gathering in the Islamabad neighborhood where the former prime minister resides to express support for Khan.

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