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Patrick Zaki, new trial postponement to November 29th

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Patrick Zaki, new trial postponement to November 29th

The forecast on the eve indicated a new postponement of two or three months. Patrick Zaki himself expected it. So, unfortunately, it was: the new date is November 29th. This is the result of the hearing, the seventh, which took place today in Mansoura. The umpteenth postponement of a process that seems to never end for the Egyptian student enrolled in the master in Gender Studies at the University of Bologna, imprisoned for 22 months and now free (not to leave Egypt), but waiting for judgement. The Egyptian court has been trying him since September 14 last year for an article on controversial discrimination against the Christian minority in Egypt, openly persecuted by ISIS. He faces another five years in prison for spreading false news. To have, in fact, exercised the freedom of thought.

The hearing took place behind closed doors: journalists outside, diplomats from Italy, the European Union, the United States and Canada were admitted. Their presence took place at the request of the Italian Embassy in Cairo, as part of an EU “observation” program of Egyptian trials relevant to respect for human rights in which other countries also participate, including the USA.

Thus, the attempt to keep Patrick Zaki’s fate still suspended, perhaps in the hope that attention will be placated around his case or to obtain something from Italy in exchange for his release. With the change of government, who knows. Nothing will be released “pending a political decision that completely freezes the trial and grants Patrick his total freedom”, an Egyptian judicial source told Ansa on the eve of the hearing.

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“I go ahead thinking that I will return to Bologna”

Recently, in connection from Cairo to a debate at the Unification party in Bologna, Patrick Zaki had told of his imprisonment: “Even when I try to keep a smile, to show myself happy, the wound inside remains and hurts. It happens to me. and to all the people who come out of the prison experience, it will take time to heal it and perhaps it will never happen “. He was moved and explained how he lives now, out of prison, but not free: “I am putting in place mechanisms to move forward and one of the strongest motivations that allow me to do so is to think that I will return to Bologna and that you will continue to support me “.

Patrick who tries to recover his life, who is studying Italian and taking exams at a distance – concluded those of the first semester of the master – who plays sports and does not give up his studies and research on human rights. He reiterated it today via social media:

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