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Peđa Jovanović on inconveniences at performances | Entertainment

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Peđa Jovanović on inconveniences at performances |  Entertainment

Peđa Jovanović and his brother Nenad once roamed the scene, and at the height of their fame, they experienced various unpleasant scenes as a group called “The Twins”.

Source: MONDO/Stefan Stojanovć

Singer Peđa Jovanović who spoke publicly about his struggle with alcoholism, became famous with his twin brother Nenad Jovanović in the group “Byzanci” which they once formed themselves. The band broke up, and Peđa devoted himself to a solo career. He spent his childhood in Germany, and started his career in the then popular club “Bombo”, whose owner was the late Jay Ramadanovski.

Peđa and Nenad released their first album in 2004 and were very popular then, and their hits are still heard today. Given that they were in high demand at the time and that their schedule was full of performances, they enjoyed the glory, but some unpleasantness also happened.

“It happened that someone he approached drunk andgrabs the microphone and starts singing. It also happened that if someone asked for a song, and you didn’t sing to them immediately when they asked you, he climbs on stage, threatens and then I say to him: ‘Okay, here’s your song’, I sing and there’s no problem,” revealed Peđa Jovanović.


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