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Pensioner beaten in front of a tavern near Velika Plana | Info

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Pensioner beaten in front of a tavern near Velika Plana |  Info

Pensioner DS (69) from the vicinity of Velika Plana was found mutilated in front of a bar after a fight.

Source: Youtube/Davidsbeenhere/MONDO/Stefan Stojanovic

An older man D.S. (69) from the vicinity of Velika Plana, he was found beaten with visible head injuries in front of a bar. The police and the Basic Public Prosecutor’s Office in Velika Plana were informed about the whole case.

Everything happened on Monday evening in Novi Selo near Velika Plana. It was reported to the police that in front of a local bar, a visibly intoxicated person was lying with injuries on his face. Members of the MUP went to the field around four o’clock in the morning and found an injured man. The injured man had numerous bruises on his face, and eyewitnesses say that DS could barely stand on his feet and was drunk. Allegedly, he then told the inspectors that he did not know if someone attacked and beat him or if he was injured when he fella“, says a source familiar with the investigation.

For an unknown reason, the suspect beat a pensioner who was in the bar with a stick. On that occasion, he inflicted severe, life-threatening injuries on him. After the beating, the unfortunate man was transported by ambulance to the Emergency Center in Belgrade and is in a coma and his life is in danger.. The suspect was identified and questioned at the competent prosecutor’s office, where he admitted that he had beaten the pensioner. The suspect was detained for up to 30 days, and the investigation is still ongoing and the criminal offense for which the arrested person will be prosecuted has not yet been defined.“, the source adds.

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The injured man was transported by ambulance to the doctor, and he was diagnosed with serious injuries. Locals claim that DS was beaten in a bar fight.

Rumor has it that he got beaten up in a bar he frequents. He is a bit awkward when he drinks, he likes to insult and provoke. They say that the five of them beat him and later left him lying in front of the bar. His face is disfiguredand he was also in the hospital“, say the locals.


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