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Perfecting Efforts to Face UAS, Class XII Students of SMAN 2 Juai Hold Hajat Prayers

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Perfecting Efforts to Face UAS, Class XII Students of SMAN 2 Juai Hold Hajat Prayers

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Balangan, PublicInfo – Class XII SMAN 2 Juai Final Semester Examination (UAS) will be held on Friday (1/3/2024). Various efforts were made by schools to make the implementation of the UAS a success.

These efforts include formal learning, group study, discussion of questions, and intensive teaching and learning activities. The culmination of this effort is holding joint prayer prayers.

This hajat prayer took place in the Laboratory room of SMAN 2 Juai on Friday (23/2/2024) morning and was attended by all students, the teacher council and staff as well as parents/guardians of class XII students.

The congregation looked solemn in carrying out their prayers and prayers together led by Rahmatullah, S.Pd as Deputy Head of Student Affairs.

Head of SMAN 2 Juai, Baihaki, S.Pd.M.Pd. conveyed that the hajat prayer held today was in order to perfect efforts to face the national exam for class XII students.

“Today we perform prayer together in order to perfect our efforts and ask Allah SWT so that the students of class XII who perform UAS next Friday can be given facilities and pass one hundred percent,” explained Baihaki.

Baihaki further explained that all efforts to prepare for the exam have been carried out, including formal learning, group learning, even intensive teaching and learning activities specifically discussing exam questions have also been carried out, we just have to pray to Allah for ease.

“If all that has been done then we leave the results to Allah SWT. in the form of trust. Whatever Allah SWT’s decision is, then that is the best for us as His servants,” he said.

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Furthermore, he also advised exam participants to maintain their health so they can take the exam from the first day to the last day. Meanwhile for parents, they can provide support and motivation to their children.

BK teacher M. Nasrullah, S.Pd added, that this hajat prayer is routinely held every year before the end of class XII final exams. “This collective prayer prayer is one of the school’s programs and is a routine agenda before the Class XII UAS every year,” he concluded. (MC Balangan/el/toeb)

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