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Peru, President Castillo dissolves parliament: it’s a coup

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Peru, President Castillo dissolves parliament: it’s a coup

Peruvian President Pedro Castillo has dissolved Parliament and declared a state of emergency in what the Peruvian media denounce as a “coup” taking place in the country. Parliament had to discuss a new no-confidence motion against Castillo due to “moral incapacity”. The initiative, the third in a year, had been promoted by the centre-right opposition and had been accepted on the agenda with 73 votes in favour, 32 against and six abstentions. The motion that aimed at the dismissal of Castillo, who took office on July 28, 2021, had to reach the minimum quorum of two-thirds of parliament in order to be approved, which is obtained with 87 votes out of 130.

The attempted removal

The center-right opposition, in the same way as in the other two previous motions which were rejected, aimed to dismiss the president for “permanent moral incapacity”. It is a circumstantial figure from the Constitution and which, if accepted, would have allowed Parliament to assume «Political Control» of the executive in the face of the «power vacuum» generated by the dismissal. The text of the motion denounced as “unacceptable the fact that a president holds office in the context of strong indications of corruption” and recalled the various investigations opened by the judiciary against Castillo. Among these is the one initiated by the Attorney General who identifies Castillo as the “head” of a “criminal network” dedicated to the trafficking of favors and practices of corruption.

Castillo’s defense

On Tuesday evening, Castillo had issued a statement to «reaffirm that he is not corrupt. A certain sector of Parliament has the only point on its agenda to remove me because it has never accepted the result of the elections”. The head of state acknowledged in the communiqué that he was “paying for mistakes made due to inexperience” and that the accusations against him were based “on claims by third parties who involve me without having proof to benefit from a sentence reduction. I have never stolen a single coin from my homeland, neither yesterday nor today nor ever and I will be here to put my face on it and tell the only truth: that I am not corrupt,” the note concluded.

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