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Peter’s Agency’s ‘School of Arts and Crafts’ is born – Vatican News

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Peter’s Agency’s ‘School of Arts and Crafts’ is born – Vatican News

A nurturing program designed for young people working in crafts was born in the Vatican. The purpose of the course is to impart to a new generation of young craftsmen the technical knowledge and competencies necessary to serve in St. Peter’s Basilica. Courses will start in January 2023.

(Vatican News Network)With the assistance of the Brothers Foundation, the “School of Arts and Crafts” of St. Peter’s Works Agency was officially born. The offering of this course follows an ancient tradition. “At the end of the 18th century, the Agency established the Pontifical Workshop for young aspiring masons, carpenters, masons and artisans of all mechanical arts,” wrote Card Gamblen, head of the St. Peter’s Agency, which enabled the agency to Become a nationally renowned training center.

With this project, St. Peter’s Agency is now interested in recovering this “practical knowledge” of “how to do” and conveying it to generations of people as a “creative act” of its mission. According to the archives, the 18th-century school was free and designed to train young artisans throughout Rome. Schools are open in the evenings and holidays to allow students to work in the mornings. This choice is an act of love and responsibility, a way of conveying to the younger generation the competence that must be present in the service of St. Peter’s Basilica.

250 years later, the School of Arts and Crafts was born with the same aspirations and goals, and will also be free. The six-month training course will start early next year, with applications until October 31 this year. The first year will admit 20 students aged between 18 and 25, who can be Italian or foreign. Interested parties can visit the website of the All Brothers Foundation for more information.

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