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Photos of the damage caused by the earthquake in Turkey and Syria

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Photos of the damage caused by the earthquake in Turkey and Syria

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The photos of the earthquake that occurred in the night between Sunday and Monday between southern Turkey and northern Syria show many buildings destroyed in different cities, with rescuers and survivors working to search for people missing under the rubble, in several cases with the help of excavators. In some Turkish cities, such as Malatya, the earthquake coincided with a snowstorm that caused further disruption to the displaced.

Warning, some images are impressive

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The epicenter of the earthquake was just north of the Turkish city of Gaziantep, of about 2 million inhabitants, which is located 90 kilometers from the Syrian border. It is among those that have suffered the most damage, with dozens of dead, many displaced and neighborhoods almost entirely destroyed, including some with several skyscrapers. The castle of Gaziantep, which was built between the second and third centuries AD by the Roman Empire and which was then variously renovated and rebuilt in the following centuries (now houses a museum), was also badly damaged. From the photos and videos that have been circulating online, the main structure seems to have remained intact, but the collapses and damages are very obvious.

There are at least ten cities in south-eastern Turkey significantly affected by the earthquake, and they are home to around 10 million inhabitants. Schools across the area were closed for at least a week. In Diyarbakir, among others, the building of a shopping center collapsed; in the cities of Malatya, Adana and Sanliurfa some mosques collapsed with several people inside them.

Hatay airport, located in the province of the same name between the cities of Antioch and Alexandretta, was closed for a time yet to be established: in fact, large portions of land were raised on the runway, making it unusable. Adana and Gaziantep airports have also been closed until further notice.

There has also been damage to Turkish energy infrastructure, and in particular to gas pipelines: it seems that they are at the root of the fires in the cities affected by the earthquake which have been shared in several videos on social networks.

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