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Pink at the Norwegian women’s handball team: “Refuse the bikini, I’ll pay the fine”

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Pink shares the fight against sexism of the Norwegian athletes and has offered to pay the 1,500 euro fine imposed by the Federation on the women’s team, for wearing shorts instead of the skimpy and usual bikini. “I am very proud of the Norwegian women’s beach handball team that protested the sexist rules on their uniform – writes the American pop star on Twitter – the European handball federation must be fined for sexism. Good, sir. I will be happy to pay the fees. Sometimes fines. Keep it up. “

The Norwegian women’s beach handball team was fined € 150 each for a total of € 1,500 after the match against Spain at the European Championships in Bulgaria, “for inappropriate clothing”. The regulations of the International Handball Federation require players to wear bikinis “tight-fitting, with an angle upwards, towards the top of the leg”.

Men are allowed to wear undershirts and shorts, even below the knee. At the match with Spain last week, the Norwegian team decided to act by surprise, taking the field with more opaque shorts and shirts. “Ours was a spontaneous free action from the start, not a gesture of protest,” said Norwegian player Katinka Haltvik.

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The former tennis champion Billie Jean King sided with female athletes: “Female sexualization must stop,” she tweeted last week. “The fine is outrageous,” he told the Bbc the British handball club Bath University, observing how the rules on bikinis are discriminatory to the point of being able to prevent women from engaging in this sport.

The Norwegian team thanked the support received from all over the world on Instagram.


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