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PlayStation explains strategy with Helldivers 2: ‘we want to carve out a niche’

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PlayStation explains strategy with Helldivers 2: ‘we want to carve out a niche’

PlayStation launched the game Helldivers 2 today (8), which hits the market with a different strategy than the company’s other titles. While the owner of the PS5 is known for single-player games, the title created by Arrowhead Studios aims for online.

Available on PC and PS5, the game is focused on online cooperative matches. In an interview with Voxel, the studio’s CEO, Johan Pilestedt, explained the strategy he intends to follow with the game. The objective is to conquer a niche of players and try to please them with the content.

“The games market is very competitive, but it is also bigger than ever. There are a lot of people playing video games. And this allows us to focus on more niche games”, explains the studio’s CEO. “For us, Helldivers 2 is a game that knows what it wants to be, and goes all-in on that experience. We’re not trying to please players who might not like the title, we’re making the game for those who will — if that makes sense.”

Free support and content

Helldivers 2 hits the market starting at R$200 on both PC and PS5, also including an item store. To keep the community active, the developers promise to constantly release free content.

Arrowhead is also taking action to overcome launch problems in the game. While the first day of the title was marked with reports of connection and matchmaking problems, the studio has already said that it is in “crisis mode” to overcome the flaws.

In an interview with Voxel, Arrowhead’s CEO said that the producer intends to evolve the game alongside the community. The studio commander compared this philosophy to older games, including Half-Life.

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“We will continue to provide updates to the game, add more game modes and evolve it with the community. And this habit comes from the old days, like the days of Quake and Half-Life mods, where you would build a game alongside the community “, said Johan Pilestedt. “I truly believe we want to create an inclusive community where we can listen, interact, and brainstorm suggestions for experiences that can surprise and delight fans.”

Helldivers 2 is available to play on PC and PS5. Currently, the game is at a discount at the Brazilian store Nuuvem.

The Voxel reporter traveled to San Mateo at the invitation of PlayStation to carry out the interview.

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