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Poem: “Conjugation” ~ Cellulosic

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Poem: “Conjugation” ~ Cellulosic

(At the time of writing this poem, I am writing, in English, my doctoral thesis in organic chemistry. Please forgive me if my verses are not up to the standard that you, readers and friends, deserve.)

I wish,

You desire.

I want you, you want me.

I long for the calluses on your hands,

your rustic fingers running through

every inch of my body shivering.

I want myself in you,

the only place where I have never felt stateless.

She desires,

He desires.

She wants him in the morning, he wants her in the evening.

He wishes for her breasts and her bosom,

she wishes to be the only reason

of her humidity and her sweat.

He longs for her arms,

the only border by which he wanted to be surrounded.

I want you, do you still want me?

So the only thing I can hope for

it is to never desire again.

We wish,

You desire.

Do we still want peace?

We desire our bodies,

you want our land.

In the beginning was desire,

and the desire was with the man

and the desire was the man.

And them then?

They… They no longer desire.

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