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Pokemon Mc Donald 2023 – Mondo Japan

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Pokemon Mc Donald 2023 – Mondo Japan

Guess who’s back in the Mc Donald’s surprises!

Just under a year later, Pokémon have returned to invade the surprises of Happy Meals to the delight of adults and children, albeit a few weeks later than in other countries, as is now customary.

This year each Happy Meal will contain a case depicting a Pokémon among Pikachu, Sprigatito, Fuecoco, Quaxly, Chetitan and Klawf (each present with two different images for a total of 12 cases to collect).

Inside each package you will find:

1 pack containing 4 Pokémon TCG cards,

1 cardboard coin (which depicts the Pokémon shown on the package on one side and a Pokéball on the other),

1 card depicting one of the Pokémon featured in the illustrations on the cases, embellished with a special QR code

This is all you need to immediately try your hand at an innovative type of fight, proposed for the first time already last year: the “EXPRESS FIGHT”.

Let’s see together how to play

First of all, up to a maximum of 4 players can play (which is equivalent to the number of cards contained in each pack) and the youngest player starts, after which the game continues clockwise.

We start by tossing the coin, supplied, to see if he wins alto (part depicting the Pokémon) o basso (part depicting the Pokéball).

Furthermore, the symbol depicted on the corner of the hexagonal coin which will be addressed to the player who made the throw will establish the category among those depicted on each card, namely: 1) Health Points, 2) Weight, 3) Pokédex Number, 4) Height , 5) Card number, 6) the direction of the game is reversed and the previous player continues.

Players reveal the card numbers corresponding to the category chosen by the coin.

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Remember that the point is won by the highest or lowest number depending on the outcome of the coin toss. In case of a tie, each player receives one reward point. The player who first gets 3 reward points wins the game!

And now let’s move on to the collecting side…

How many cards are there to collect?

This set is made up of 15 cards, reprints of some cards belonging to different expansions of Scarlet & Violet, identified by a new symbol (bottom left of the card) which conforms to the new symbols introduced with the advent of the Scarlet expansions and Violetto and which will indicate belonging to this new set.

Among these it will be possible to find six holographic cards, characterized by the typical foil pattern of Mc Donald’s, which we have already come to know and love, but this year they are embellished with a bright holo foil border too.

The 15 cards of the complete set to collect are:

Sprigatito 1/15 (large) Fuecoco 2/15 (large) Quaxly 3/15 (large) Cetoddle 4/15 Cetitan 5/15 (large) Pikachu 6/15 (large) Pawmi 7/15 Kilowattrel 8/15 Flittle 9/ 15 Sandaconda 10/15 Klawf 11/15 (big) Blissey 12/15 Tandemaus 13/15 Cyclizar 14/15 Kirlia 15/15

And what is the purpose of the mysterious QR code shown on the “special” card?

By scanning the special QR code you will be redirected to an exclusive game screen, in which you can immerse yourself in some games in the company of our beloved Pikachu, Sprigatito, Fuecoco and Quaxly!

(Assuming that the site works because, given the high interest that has always accompanied the Pokémon world, the writing “We apologize for the inconvenience as we are currently experiencing technical difficulties” so arm yourself with patience).

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What are you waiting for? Hurry and collect them all!

If you are passionate about everything related to the Pokémon world, stay tuned so you don’t miss the latest updates!

Until next time!

Laura Villa


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