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Police Call Via Vallen’s Brother Suspected of Embezzling Ojol Driver’s Motorbike

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Police Call Via Vallen’s Brother Suspected of Embezzling Ojol Driver’s Motorbike


The family of dangdut singer Via Vallen admitted that they did not know the whereabouts of Via’s younger sibling named RF. RF was searched until Via Vallen’s house in Tanggulangin was visited by the Arek Sidoarjo Alliance crowd because of a motorbike pawning problem. Now the police are also paying attention to this case.

Tanggulangin Police Chief Commissioner Atmagiri said that the case involving Via Vallen’s sister would be handled by finding a middle way or a mediation process. The police will invite RF to come to attend the mediation.

“Still waiting for the mediation process, we will invite Mas RF to come to the Sector Police,” said Atmagiri detikJatimTuesday (23/4/2024).



Atmagiri said that the victim of the alleged motorbike theft had stated that he was willing to fulfill the call for mediation. If RF cannot be contacted, the police will prepare further steps.

“If he doesn’t come later, we will make an invitation letter to come to the Tanggulangin Police Headquarters,” said Atmagiri.

Previously, Via Vallen’s house in Kalitengah Village, Tanggulangin District, Sidoarjo was raided by dozens of people. The mob that raided Via Vallen’s house was in the name of the Arek Sidoarjo Alliance.

The arrival of dozens of people demanded that RF, Via Vallen’s younger brother, return the motorbike belonging to one of the alliance members who works as a motorbike taxi driver. Via Vallen’s younger brother is suspected of embezzling the motorbike.

Meanwhile, Via Vallen’s family stated that they had just found out about the case. Even one of Via Vallen’s family members, who is RF’s older brother, admitted that he had only just understood the problem.

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“Yes, I just found out the problem,” said Mella Rossa, one of the Via Vallen family when contacted detikJatim via cell phone, Tuesday (23/4/2024).

Mella explained that until now the Via Vallen family did not know where RF was. The man had not lived at his house in Kalitengah Tanggulangin Village for the last few months.

“RF has also not lived at the Kalitengah house for more than 2 months. The family does not know where he is,” said Mella.

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