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Police Deploy 1,978 Personnel to Guard Ganjar Volunteer Demonstration at Horse Statue

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Police Deploy 1,978 Personnel to Guard Ganjar Volunteer Demonstration at Horse Statue


The Ganjar-Mahfud Inter-Volunteer Communication Forum will hold demonstrations in the area Horse statue, Central Jakarta, today. Thousands of police personnel were deployed to secure the demonstration.

“1,978 personnel are prepared to serve and provide security if there is action,” said Central Jakarta Metro Police Chief Kombes Susatyo Purnomo Condro when contacted, Monday (19/2/2024).

Ganjar-Mahfud volunteers will hold a demonstration in the Horse Statue area, Central Jakarta. The crowd also admitted that they would carry out a long march to the Bawaslu building.



Susatyo said that his party had not carried out any traffic engineering related to the demonstration. Traffic policy is situational.

“Situational (traffic engineering),” he said.

Ganjar-Mahfud Volunteers Will Hold Demo

Communication Forum Between Volunteers Ganjar-Mahfud issued the ‘Brawijaya Petition’ on Jalan Brawijaya VIII, South Jakarta (Jaksel). After issuing the petition, they said they would hold a demonstration at the Horse Statue to Bawaslu, Central Jakarta (Jakpus), today.

“So tomorrow at 10.00 WIB we will go down to the Horse Statue and then take a long march to Bawaslu. So all volunteer organs, please come down, no need to register, please come and bring your troops, we will raid Bawaslu,” said General Chairperson of Kombas GP Burhan Saidi during a press conference on Jalan Brawijaya VIII, South Jakarta, Sunday (18/2).

A total of 103 Ganjar-Mahfud National Volunteer Chairmen were present at the issuance of the ‘Brawijaya Petition’. He explained that this petition was a rejection of the results of the presidential election because he saw allegations of structured, systematic and massive fraud benefiting candidate pair 02 Prabowo-Gibran.

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“In principle, what Haposan conveyed was that we reject the results of the current presidential election because it looks like the systematic and massive structure carried out by this election is beneficial for candidate pair 02,” he explained.

On the same occasion, the General Chair of Projo Ganjar Haposan Situmorang assessed that there was fraud in the presidential election. This movement, he continued, is a purely moral movement of community volunteers and students.

“First, what I want to say is that maybe 01 also feels that there is fraud experienced by them when we communicate with them and their volunteers. But what is certain is that I will say here that this has nothing to do with or TPN, this is pure “moral movement of community volunteers and fellow students,” he said.

Haposan said that if the KPU and Bawaslu did not heed the petition, there would be a mass movement. He emphasized that this petition was not carried out for the interests of the candidate pairs but to save democracy in Indonesia.

“Secondly, if the authorities do not heed the KPU or Bawaslu do not heed our petition, as I said earlier, this is a moral movement, then all Indonesian people will take action. What we are doing now is not for the interests of the candidate pairs but to save democracy in this republic ,” he said.

“In 1998, thousands of students and civil society died fighting for democracy. So if we don’t pay attention, we will see people’s movements. I think people also don’t accept the treatment of the current political situation,” he added.

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The contents of the ‘Brawijaya Petition’ are:

1. Reject the results of the Presidential and Vice Presidential elections held on February 14 2024 which were marked by fraud

2. Ask the KPU which was formed later by the Central Government to carry out judicial re-elections, especially the 2024-2029 Presidential and Vice Presidential Elections by replacing the current KPU and Bawaslu Commissioners

3. Protesting strongly against the Declaration of Victory for Candidate Pair 02 which was carried out in celebration based on Quick Count while the KPU has not yet determined the winner of the Presidential Election based on the highest number of votes. This has clearly led to wider public opinion which can cause divisions in society

4. Ask Bawaslu to legally process candidate pair 02 for the declaration of victory in question

5. Request the authorities to disqualify candidate pair 02 in the 2024 Presidential and Vice Presidential elections

Also watch the video ‘Ganjar-Mahfud Volunteer Association asks for the 2024 presidential election to be repeated’:

[Gambas:Video 20detik]


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