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Police Deploy 3,929 Personnel to Secure Demonstration in Front of the DPR

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Police Deploy 3,929 Personnel to Secure Demonstration in Front of the DPR


Central Jakarta Metro Police Chief Kombes Susatyo Purnomo Condro said his party was ready to secure the demonstration in front of DPR/MPR RI Building, Central Jakarta, today. A total of 3,929 joint personnel were deployed to secure the demonstration.

“In order to secure the actions of elements of society in front of the Indonesian DPR/MPR building, we involved a total of 3,929 joint personnel from Polda Metro Jaya, Polres Metro Central Jakarta, TNI, regional government of DKI, and related agencies,” said Kombes Susatyo to journalists, Tuesday (5 /3/2024).

Susatyo said thousands of officers would be on guard at a number of points. Personnel were deployed to anticipate demonstration masses entering the DPR RI area.



“Personnel will later be placed at a number of points around the DPR/MPR RI. For today’s demonstration, we have anticipated this by preparing a number of personnel to provide security and prevent the protesters from entering the DPR/MPR RI area,” he said.

The closure or diversion of traffic around the DPR/MPR RI is situational. Traffic flow engineering will be implemented in view of developments in the dynamics of the situation in the field.

“We’ll see the size of the crowd. If there are quite a lot of people in front of the DPR/MPR RI and the escalation increases, then we will divert the traffic that will be heading towards the front of the DPR/MPR RI building, blocking it on Pulau Dua. Vehicles from the inner toll lane “We will close the toll exit in front of the DPR/MPR RI and straighten towards Slipi,” he explained.

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He asked all personnel involved in security to always act persuasively, not be provoked, prioritize negotiation, service and be humanistic. He also appealed to the masses to maintain security and order so that the action could take place safely and orderly.

“We appeal to the coordinators and orators to give their speeches politely and not provoke the masses. Carry out demonstrations peacefully, not force your will, not be anarchic, and not damage public facilities. Respect and respect other road users who will pass in front of you. DPR/MPR RI building,” he said.

“With the security preparations and readiness that we have carried out, we urge all parties to always maintain security and order so that future demonstration activities can run safely, orderly and conducively,” he added.

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