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Police search another apartment for former RAF members – third operation within 24 hours

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Police search another apartment for former RAF members – third operation within 24 hours

Corinthstrasse – Police search another apartment in Friedrichshain for former RAF members

dpa-Bildfunk/Annette Riedl

Audio: rbb24 Inforadio | 03/04/2024 | Angela Ulrich | Image: dpa-Bildfunk/Annette Riedl

The manhunt for the two fugitive RAF terrorists Garweg and Staub in Berlin continues on Monday morning. The police search another property in Friedrichshain – and appeal to one of the men.

  • Police are looking for former RAF members Staub and Garweg in Berlin
  • several properties in Berlin-Friedrichshain have been searched since Sunday
  • Operation in Corinth and Grünberger Street on Monday
  • LKA confirms that Garweg lived in a confiscated construction trailer
  • Residents of the trailer site criticize the police
  • Investigators appeal for people to turn themselves in

As part of the search for two former RAF terrorists, police forces searched another property in Berlin-Friedrichshain on Monday morning. It is located on Corinthstrasse, as a spokeswoman for the leading Lower Saxony State Criminal Police Office (LKA) confirmed to rbb. The German Press Agency initially reported. The investigators found a person and took the personal details of one person, but none of the two people they were looking for were there.

In addition, one was Apartment on Grünberger Straße also in Friedrichshain searched again. The police had already been looking for 69-year-old Ernst-Volker Staub and 55-year-old Burkhard Garweg here on Sunday.

Appeal to Garweg to turn himself in

On Monday morning, investigators appealed to Garweg to turn himself in. The 55-year-old was “really on the run” after the searches in Berlin, and the pressure on him was increasing, a spokesman for the Verden public prosecutor’s office said on Monday. This is a good time to take a stand in order to avoid a possible escalation. “Nobody is interested in an escalation.” In principle, turning yourself in has a mitigating effect on the punishment. The spokesman for the prosecution assumes that the investigators have come close to the person they are looking for: “We are doing quite well.”

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Caravan confiscated from Garweg

Already at On Sunday, an apartment and a trailer site in Berlin-Friedrichshain were searched. According to police, 130 officers were on duty. Police confiscated a trailer in which Garweg lived, it was confirmed Monday morning. The car was transported away with the help of the Technical Relief Agency (THW) and is now being examined forensically. According to the LKA, this can take several days.

The car was parked on a wasteland that is primarily used by the alternative scene. There are barracks, mobile homes, caravans and buildings there.

Residents of the trailer site criticize the police’s actions

Meanwhile, residents of the Bauwagen site in Berlin-Friedrichshain said they did not know the former RAF terrorist they were looking for. “Until yesterday, we knew neither his real name nor that there was an investigation against him – and we were completely surprised by the events,” wrote the Edelrost association in a press release on Monday.

It also said that they distanced themselves from “violence of all kinds” and defended themselves “against any stigmatization of our project.” The association expressed criticism of the police’s actions: “As a site, we condemn the fact that several people on the site were taken into custody during the raid under the pretext of establishing their identities in order to intimidate and question them.”

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Police found “heavy war weapons” in ex-RAF terrorist’s apartment

Last Monday, former RAF terrorist Daniela Klette was arrested in Berlin. Together with Garweg and Staub, she is said to have belonged to the so-called third generation of the left-wing extremist Red Army Faction (RAF), which murdered until the 1990s. All three are said to have gone underground more than 30 years ago.

Garweg and Staub are said to have later committed several robberies together with Klette. After the arrest of the 65-year-old Burdock, there was one During the subsequent house search, “heavy war weapons” were found. These include a Kalashnikov, a submachine gun, a handgun with ammunition, explosives and a rocket-propelled grenade.

Debate about video surveillance

The domestic policy spokesman for the SPD parliamentary group in the Berlin House of Representatives, Martin Matz, has expressed confidence that the wanted former RAF terrorists Staub and Garweg will ultimately be caught.

In the rbb24 Inforadio on Monday, Matz said that past experience shows that with such search pressure as now, “something will come.” However, he spoke out against expanding public video surveillance in this context. This is too broad and would affect too many people, emphasized Matz.

The CDU domestic politician Burkard Dregger, on the other hand, has advocated modern means of surveillance. More artificial intelligence should be allowed to be used in facial recognition, he told rbb24 Abendschau on Sunday evening. This could be necessary in order to act on an equal footing with terrorists and threats. Dregger emphasized, however, that this was not about continuous monitoring.

The police searched several apartments in Berlin for the former RAF members. Image: rbb

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Broadcast: Radioeins, March 4th, 2024, 8:00 a.m

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